International Students

International vs. Domestic

If you do not hold U.S. citizenship and will be seeking an F-1 visa or will remain on another visa status during your time at Colorado College, you will apply as an international student

If you have dual citizenship with the U.S., are a permanent resident, are a DACA and/or undocumented student living in the U.S. and not seeking an F-1 visa, and/or are an American citizen who lives abroad, you will apply as a domestic student. You are still welcome to attend our International Student Orientation and connect with international organizations on campus.

Our application process is largely similar across citizenship cohorts. Both international and domestic applicants may use the same application platforms (the Common Application or Coalition/Scoir Application) and apply with the same deadlines.

Application Requirements

Please submit all required items by your decision plan deadline for full consideration by our admission committee. There is no fee to apply to Colorado College.

We accept the Common Application or Coalition/Scoir Application. We recommend that you begin by submitting the preliminary application — a free, fast application to provide us with better insight into how we can best support you.

We require your transcript(s) through the end of your penultimate year of secondary school at the time of application. Eventually, we will also require your mid-year grades (first semester or trimester of final year) and final end-of-year grades. Official transcripts issued in languages other than English must be translated into English by a certified translator.

Your counselor will also submit a school report, which will help us better understand your high school's available curricula and student demographics.

A counselor letter of recommendation is recommended, but not required. 

In addition to your required college essay (also known as personal statement), we also require a short supplemental essay in order for your application to be considered complete.

Visit our 2023-24 Supplemental Essay page for further tips. Recommended length: 250 to 300 words.

We will post the essay prompt the first week of July. Please check back!

We require two teacher evaluations (also known as letters of recommendation), preferably from your junior year teachers in core subjects — English or language arts, math, science, social studies, or world language. We will accept additional recommendation letters from teachers, supervisors, coaches, and others. Please ask your recommenders to upload letters through application software platforms or email them to

Colorado College is test-optional and does not have an English language proficiency requirement. 

However, if your native language is not English, or if you are applying from a school where English is not the primary language of instruction, we strongly recommend that you submit evidence of English proficiency in order to be a most competitive candidate. We will consider your highest score. 

Evidence of English proficiency comes in many forms and can include:

We have a limited number of Duolingo English Test fee waivers for Colorado College applicants. Once you have begun your application, please email with your request. Contact your college counselor for non-Duolingo exam fee waivers.

Colorado College is test-optional. We believe in empowering you to share information with us that best represents your academic abilities and potential. SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission and if submitted, are only part of a comprehensive, holistic review that also includes careful assessment of personal accomplishments, community involvement, and writing.

You can choose to opt-in to include SAT or ACT scores as part of your application. We will only use submitted test scores if they enhance your chance of application.

If you choose not to submit test scores or submit scores that do not strengthen your application, we will place greater emphasis on your academic performance. 

Please visit our Test-Optional page for more information regarding our testing policy.

If you're interested in the arts, you are welcome to submit an optional art supplement in visual art, music, dance, theater, creative writing or film. Your applicant portal will prompt you to indicate whether or not you'd like to submit an art supplement. If so, you will upload the media directly to your applicant portal.

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Decision Plans & Deadlines

You may choose to apply through Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Action. Early Decision is a binding method of application where you commit to attending prior to receiving an offer of admission. Early Action and Regular Action are non-binding and you will have until May 1 to respond. 

Decision Plan
Deadline Decision Released Candidate Reply
Early Decision I
November 1 Mid-December January
Early Action November 1 Late December May 1
Early Decision II
January 15 Mid-February March
Regular Action January 15 Mid-March May 1


Our application portal will specifically ask you if you will be applying for financial aid. International applicants seeking financial aid comprise our most competitive group of applicants each year.

We determine eligibility based on your submitted financial aid materials. 

  • If you attend a United World College (UWC) and are applying for financial aid, you will need to complete the CSS Profile. Contact regarding a CSS Profile fee waiver.
  • If you do not attend a UWC and are applying for financial aid, you will have the option to submit either the CSS Profile (and pay any College Board-assessed fees) or the Colorado College ISFAA, which you may access through your applicant portal.

Please visit the financial aid website for more information.

Visa Advising

Our International Student & Scholar Services team organizes an International Student Orientation prior to New Student Orientation and will also support you with your visa application process. Please feel free to contact them at



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