Student Employment is the opportunity for CC students, enrolled at least half-time each semester, to earn wages for education and living expenses by working jobs on campus.  Colorado College funds departments’ ability to pay for student employees through state and federal work-study fund allotments as well as institutional dollars. Students are paid hourly and their wages are provided to them in biweekly paychecks (either via mail or direct deposit).

Work study is a need-based financial aid award provided to eligible CC students as part of meeting their calculated financial need to attend Colorado College.  Work-Study awards typically assume a student will work minimally 5-7 hours per week in a 9-month period during the traditional academic year. Students who choose not to work a campus job to earn their awarded work-study wages must come up with other means of funding their expenses.  All students working on campus are considered student employees but not everyone is a work-study student.

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Getting A Job

Yes. Without work study you may apply to work in any on-campus, student hourly position.

You can search and apply for jobs on Handshake. Check out the Student Resources webpage. Colorado College does not place students in positions.

If you are not being successful in your job search (after casting a wide application net), the Office of Student Employment recommends that you meet with the CC’s Career Center staff to review you resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills.

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Additional Information

Currently, students earn $14.42/hr for Step One positions or $14.82/hr for Step Two positions.

Yes, but domestic students cannot average more than 32 hours a week in all CC jobs combined.

International students must follow these work limitations:

Hours Per Week Limits:

  • 20 hours per week while school is in session.
  • The 20-hour/week limit applies to the total number of hours worked in a single work week among all on-campus positions.
  • Full-time hours (more than 20 hours per week) are allowed during official school breaks: Fall break, Winter break, Spring break & Summer break.
    • Note: Block breaks are not considered official school breaks

Both domestic and international students CAN work up to 40 hours per week during federally recognized breaks.

Also, CC does not expect nor encourage student wo work beyond 5-15 hours per week.

No, you only fill out hiring paperwork (I9 and W4 forms) once for work as a student employee at CC.

Yes, students who work hours without an active timesheet, turn in their timesheets late for payment, or are habitually or heinously unprofessional can be suspended from working as a CC Student Employee.

Yes, Colorado is an at-will employment state.

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Need more information?  Check out these webpages:

Student Employee Toolkit

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