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Student Employment

Please note, our office is unable to accept partial pictures or scans of employment forms. Two options are currently available to submit employment forms.

  1. Complete forms in the office by calling 719-389-6651 to schedule a time to stop by. Our office is open Monday – Friday 9-5 pm on the first floor of the Spencer Center.  
  2. To complete employment forms electronically, you will need a present family or friend to act as your authorized representative to verify your documents and complete page two of the I9 form using Adobe Sign. To do this you will need to email with the email address of your authorized representative. 


Supervisors Resources


Student Employee Resources

Submit Job Description


Domestic Student Employment Packet

Student Employee Evaluation


International Student Employment Packet

Handbook for Supervisors


Acceptable Identification Documents

Steps to approve time sheet


Handbook for Students

Payroll Calendar


Student Handbook


Confidentiality Agreement


Payroll Calendar

Job Separation/Termination Form


Direct Deposit Form

SE Supervisor Process

How to enter hours into time sheet



EPAF and Proxy Set up Resources for Supervisors

EPAF Manual

EPAF Waiting Directions

Proxy Set Up Directions

Steps to approve time sheet


Handshake Resources for Supervisors

Handshake Frequently Asked Questions

How to Post Jobs

How to Edit Job Postings

How to Duplicate Job Postings

Used when you want to re-post a previously posted position.

How to Expire Job Postings

Used to expire a posting before the previously set expiration date is reached

How to Extend Job Postings

To extend the time a position is posted and a student can apply.

How to Access Applications & Contact Applicants

How to see applications and contact applicants.

Learning Competencies Reference Sheet


Notice: This organization participates in E-Verify. For more information, please visit



Student Employment


Colorado College designs the student employment experience to enable students to work on and off campus part time (up to full-time hours in the summer) to advance skills, build resumes and earn funds to support their educational goals and continue professional development growth while supporting college needs as well.


Most, but not all, students receive work-study or institutional employment as part of their financial aid award. Federal and Colorado governments provide employment funding (work-study) to the college for eligible students.

Because of these funding sources, the college asks campus employers to give preference in hiring to students with federal or state work-study eligibility, or to students who have institutional student employment as part of their financial aid award.

You must be a current student and enrolled at least half-time in order to be employed.

Student Employment Process

  1. Supervisors should post all student employment opportunities to Handshake where students can log in through single sign-on and apply.
  2. Students should apply through Handshake with their cover letter and resume. Students should mention in their cover letter if they have a work-study award as this provides a hiring preference.
  3. Selected applicants will then interview with supervisor.
  4. Those selected will need to complete the Student Employment Paperwork if not yet done. This is a one time requirement.
  5. Supervisors will then submit a new hire EPAF to hire the selected student.

How to find a job

On Campus Student Employment

The college makes every effort to provide an employment opportunity, but the student is responsible for finding a job.

Find your next on-campus job in 4 easy steps!

  1. Log in to your Handshake account through the single sign-on page
  2. Select Jobs on the top row
  3. Select the On-Campus option to filter under search bar
  4. Now you can view and apply to any on-campus job

Other Resources

The CC Career Center provides professional and career development coaching services to help support our students in attaining employment opportunities. For more information on the CC Career Center please visit the main web page here.

For non-CC affiliated job listings provided by the Career Center please visit the job/internship database here.

After Finding a Job

Once you are hired you must:

1. Complete the Student Employee Packet listed above and submit completed packet to the Office of Financial Aid & Student Employment in person and with your original unexpired identification documents.

2. Have your supervisor complete an EPAF.

** Please note, you will not be set up as an employee of CC or have a time sheet until these requirements are completed.

Logging Hours

  • To log in your hours and submit time sheets, you must log in to Self-Service Banner, click on Employee tab, and then choose Time sheet. From the drop down menu, select the correct pay period and start entering your hours.

For any time sheet questions, please contact the Student Employment Office located in the Spencer Center: 719-389-6908.

  • Please remember that time sheets MUST be submitted to your supervisor by the deadline given on the Payroll Calendar. Failure to do so will cause your paycheck/direct deposit to be delayed.
  • You may notice a time when a time sheet is no longer available. This happens right after the pay period's end in order for the Payroll Office to process these time sheets but it will re-open in 2-3 business days.

Getting Paid

  • Colorado College pays student employees on semi-monthly basis.
    • Checks or direct deposits according the payroll schedule.
    • If you do not submit your time sheet on time, you will not get paid on time and will have to wait until the next pay date.
  • Paychecks will be delivered to your Worner box if you do not have direct deposit set up or to your designated bank account if direct deposit is set up.

It is the student's responsibility to be sure to submit all necessary paperwork in order to get paid. If you accept ANY job on campus, you must make sure that you have student employment paperwork on file.

For complete information about Student Employment, please read through the Student Employment Handbook posted above.

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