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Community Engagement

What is community engagement, exactly? Good question. It means different things depending upon who you are and what you’re looking for from your involvement within the local community.

For students, it allows the active engagement of academic theory in real-world situations, as well as tapping into a sense of civic and social responsibility. For faculty members, it allows a new approach to a rigorous curriculum, as well as increased student participation and motivations. Within the local community, such engagement on the part of CC helps to keep the channels of communication open, fostering a relationship of mutual desire for activity and action.

Here at Colorado College, the Collaborative for Community Engagement runs all such programs. Various programs are run year-round through CC and in conjunction with local and national organizations, such as community based learning and Public Achievement. The Collaborative for Community Engagement encourages all students who want to actively engage in the local community in a meaningful and strategic way offering student-led initiatives through funding or linking to external means of support.