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Russian Language House

The Russian House is one of six language houses at Colorado College. It accommodates approximately 9-11 students who are interested in learning more about Russian language and culture. They share a kitchen, dining room, living room, and study, furnished with a piano. One goal of the Russian house is to provide an environment outside of the classroom where students can practice their Russian language skills.

Every year the Russian program at Colorado College selects a Cultural Program Coordinator, who is usually a native of Russia. One of the many duties of the C.P.C. includes arranging cultural activities for the house residence and community. Holding weekly Russian teas is one of the most popular events.

Natalia KhanNatalia Khan will be returning for the 2014-15 academic year as our Cultural Program Coordinator. She graduated from St. Petersburg State University (Russian Department of Philological faculty), and in 2013 received a Ph.D in Russian linguistics. Her dissertation was focused on Russian spontaneous speech, in relation to speaker's personal characteristics.

During her time as a student there were a few things she wanted to combine; her interest to Russian linguistics with its practical application and a big desire to learn about the vast world and people in it. That brought her to getting  an additional degree in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Having taught consistently for the past four years she obtained priceless experience from working with students of different countries such as the United States, China, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, and Finland.

In her spare time she develops her personal inner world by practicing Kundalini yoga, travelling, reading books and always learning something new. Since she grew up in such a wonderful European city as Saint Petersburg, famous for its rich cultural diversity, she enjoys wandering in museums, watching plays in theatres, and listending to music in concert halls.