Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies

Applicable for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Advisor: Wright; Affiliated Faculty: Fenner, Germen, Guessous, Murphy, Naji

Minor Requirements

This minor combines the study of the Arabic language with courses on the history, religion, politics, and culture of the Arab and Muslim worlds, including the Middle East, North Africa and their diasporas.


*Two units of Arabic language study or other under-studied relevant languages in consultation with the student's Minor Advisor. Students proficient in Arabic or other relevant languages should also consult with their Minor Advisor to address this requirement in a meaningful way. 

*Four additional units from among those listed below, including courses from at least two fields or departments outside of the student's major(s).  Other courses may be accepted with the consent of the student's Minor Advisor.

*An integrative reflection that demonstrates what the student has learnt from completing this minor; this should be planned in advance with the student's Minor Advisor.

Arabic: AR201 Intermediate Arabic I; AR202 Intermediate Arabic II; AR320 Topics in Arabic Culture and Literature (taught in English). Courses in Arabic taken abroad may also satisfy the requirements for this minor in consultation with the student's Minor Advisor in advance.

Art History: AH120 Islamic Art

Feminist and Gender Studies: FM218 The Discourse of the Veil; FG222: Gender and Sexuality in the Modern Middle East and its Diasporas; FG320: Middle Eastern and Islamic Feminist Studies

Film and Media Studies: FM200: Cinemas of the Middle East; New Media Publics and Social Movements

History: HY200 Search for Islamic Order (FYE); HY261 Formation of Islamic Societies; HY262 The Modern Middle East: Freedoms & Authorities; HY200: Islam & Science; HY200 Islamic Cities; HY200 History of Arab-Zionist Relations.

Political Science: PS313 Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa(MENA); PS276: Syria in Revolution and War.

Religion: RE140: Islam; RE243: Islam in the Americas; RE345: Dervish Diaries; RE346: Qur’an

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