FG320 - Middle Eastern and Islamic Feminist Thought

Explores key texts and debates in Middle Eastern and Islamic feminist studies in order to think about the politics of feminism, feminist subjectivity, and the relationship between feminism and modernity. Parochializes universalizing assumptions about feminism and women’s rights by focusing on the contributions of a non-Western feminist tradition. Asks critical questions about the transnational politics of translation, and the normative assumptions, aporias and exclusions that are constitutive of feminist thought and politics, with a particular attention to questions of tradition and of religion and secularism. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures requirement. Meets the Equity and Power: EPG requirement. (Not offered 2024-25).

Prerequisite: Feminist & Gender Studies 110 or Feminist & Gender Studies 114, and junior or senior standing.

Degree requirement — Critical Perspectives: G, Equity and Power: EPG

.5 to 1 unit


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2024 Block 5 Middle Eastern and Islamic Fem Nadia Guessous Tutt Library 317 25 / 14 05/18/2024
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