Endowment Performance

Colorado College Endowment Performance

Colorado College established its first permanent endowment for the "support of instruction" on Feb. 24, 1890, after receiving the first $25,000 of a request to the citizens of Colorado, made by then-President Slocum.

As a result of the continued generosity of the College's donors, the endowment portfolio has evolved into a robust portfolio which provides support for current and future CC students.

A Healthy Endowment

During the last 20 years, the college endowment has earned an average of 9 percent. These healthy average returns have allowed the college to provide an annual payout equal to 5 percent of the calculated value of each endowment, while also maintaining the inflation-adjusted value of the endowment. As of June 30, 2016, the latest figures currently available, the Colorado College endowment was $683 million.

How Colorado College Manages its Endowment

The college's endowment is overseen by the Colorado College Board of Trustees Committee on Investments in accordance with college policy, UPMIFA, and the rules of prudence. The committee seeks superior investment returns through strategic asset allocation and professional investment management. The committee monitors the 27 external professional investment firms who manage the college's assets and makes changes when appropriate to rebalance the college's portfolio, with guidance of Monticello Associates, the college's investment consultant.

How Spendable Income is Calculated

The college's Board of Trustees develops a spending policy that balances the current needs of the school with the prudence of saving for the future. The policy defines how spendable income is calculated for the college's overall endowment portfolio. These funds are vital to the support of the scholarships, professorships, research, the library, and other academic programs and operations. The endowment provided a payout of $28 million in 2016. When combined with annual operating funds received, it supported 17.3 percent of the college's annual budget. CC has a reputation for being a good steward of its resources, as evidenced by its AA bond rating from Standard & Poor's.

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