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Writing Evaluations

The Writing Program requests that faculty periodically evaluate the writing of all students. Writing Evaluations, although not part of a student's permanent record, offer an overall appraisal of a student's writing in a given course, separate from course grades.

Writing Evaluations give students a snapshot evaluation of their writing and a vision of how they are advancing as writers; they are also used to identify writers who might serve as peer consultants in our Writing Center; Writing Evaluations can serve as an "early warning" for students struggling with writing in FYE or signal that students in collaboration with advisers should pursue opportunities for further instruction. This might include enrollment in a Writing Intensive or Writing in the Discipline course, a Writing Enhancement adjunct, or regular visits to the Writing Center.

If you have questions about or want a consultation regarding how to effectively evaluate student writing, please contact Kat Bell (, Director of the Writing Center, or Aaron Stoller (, Director of Academic Programs. For an example of a rubric to evaluate effective writing, please see the linked rubric.

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Katrina Bell, Ph.D.

Director, Writing Center

Tutt Library 235
(719) 389-6193

Aaron Stoller, Ph.D.

Director, Academic Programs

Tutt Library 230b
(719) 227-8291