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    Faculty Resources

    The Writing Program supports writing at CC through motivating campus-wide conversations around writing, collaborating with the Crown Faculty Center to provide support for writing pedagogies and the evaluation of student writing, and administering the writing requirement at CC.

    Online Writing Center support for distance education

    We are open and have flexible options for assisting your students with writing projects.

    • individual peer & professional appointments

      • Peers: 12-8pm MST - 

      • Professionals: 10-4pm MST (scheduled by email, varies by day, less availability than peer staff)

    • formal/structured peer review sessions (professional & peer consultant collaboration)

    • community drafting workshops for parallel work (peer consultant led)

    • supplemental handouts for implementing asynchronous individual peer reviews

    Please reach out to Kat Bell ( and Chris Schacht ( to schedule workshops.

    What we need from faculty to create a successful synchronous online workshops or asynchronous peer review sessions:

    • Initial planning conversation via zoom to discuss needs/concerns & best fit (15-30 minutes)

    • Syllabus

    • Writing Prompt

    • Rubric/expectations (can be brainstormed with students and faculty at the start of the peer review)


    Formal peer review agenda (60-90 minutes) 

    • Faculty sets up a zoom conversation and invites professional & peer consultants

    • Faculty introduces us/greets students

    • Faculty does a poll to determine level of completion:

      • Zero draft/notes only

      • Partial draft

      • Full draft

    • Co-led (professional staff & faculty) rubric/expectation discussion

    • WC Prompts students at all levels to do self-assessment

      • Based on assignment prompt

      • Best if there’s a rubric

    • WC Professional leads short discussion on where everyone is (self assessment debrief & provides general instructions/goals)

    • WC Professional consultant provides guidelines for each level

      • Zero draft/notes only - work on writing & scribing/talk through of ideas

      • Partial draft - review of existing materials & scribing/talk through

      • Full draft - full peer review 

    • Faculty creates breakout rooms based on level of completion

    • Students go to breakout rooms - 30-60 minutes

      • Level based

      • Professional/peer staff pop into different rooms every 5-10 minutes to check on progress/give assistance

    • Accountability check in at 45 minute mark

      • Verbal debrief

      • Chat box goals - what did you get done? What’s next?

      • OR written reflection to faculty members w/questions about the draft via Canvas/cover letter about draft (handout)


    Community drafting/parallel working w/ writing fellow (60 minutes, up to 2x/block)

    • Scheduled through email with Kat & Chris, who will assign a peer staff member to the workshop, based on consultant availability, assignment timeline, and topic/discipline (if possible)

    • Faculty sets up a zoom conversation and invites peer & professional staff members who have been assigned to the workshop

    • One peer staff member will be present to assist with small questions via chat box & breakout room

    • Really just a space to work/ask occasional questions

    • Students who want additional or individual attention should schedule peer appointments through

    Regular Writing Center support offerings

    Classroom/Writing Center Visits

    A member of our staff would be happy to stop by your classroom for a quick introduction to the Writing Center and what we can do for students. Alternatively, we’d love for your class to come visit us in Tutt Library, so students can see where we are located. We offer two options: 1) a simple introduction that takes 5-10 minutes, or 2) a ~45 minute introduction combined with a short discussion about writing on the block, addressing student concerns and strategies for success. To schedule a class visit, please contact Chris Schacht at

    Course Workshops 

    Writing Center staff lead student workshops every block, covering topics from reading skills, brainstorming, and drafting, all the way to leading peer review sessions. These workshops are tailored specifically to the course, and so require communication with faculty and time for preparation. To schedule a workshop, please contact Chris Schacht at

    Assignment Design and Course Pacing

    As course instructors, we understand the difficulty in creating writing assignments. An assignment must set clear expectations for students, while also challenging them to advance their rhetorical and critical thinking skills. We offer strategies for writing assignments that include scaffolding, rubric design, and pacing the assignment within the block so that students have opportunities to engage in the writing process. To discuss assignments and syllabi, please contact Kat Bell at 

    Professional Consultations

    Besides assignments, staff are available for consultations on other faculty/staff writing, including but not limited to article drafts, book chapters, and grants. Similarly, since our staff has experience with publishing and grant writing, we can offer help with addressing feedback from editors and grant reviewers. To find out more or schedule a consultation, please contact Kat Bell, Chris Schacht or Roy Jo Sartin rsartin@coloradocollege.ed

    FYE Writing Evaluations

    For more on Writing Evaluations, please follow the link.

    Writing Intensive/Writing in a Discipline Courses

    For more on Writing Intensive/Writing in a Discipline Courses, please follow the link.

    You can also use the following links to read the Writing Intensive and Writing in a Discipline course goals and guidelines.

    Katrina Bell, Ph.D.

    Director, Writing Center

    Tutt Library 235
    (719) 389-6193

    Aaron Stoller, Ph.D.

    Director, Academic Programs

    Tutt Library 230b
    (719) 227-8291