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Academic Petitions, Grievances & Appeals

Associate Dean of the College

Students may contact the associate dean of the college with requests to study on an alternate calendar due to participation in national or international athletic competitions. The associate dean should also be contacted for petitions to waive particular policies based on special or extenuating circumstances, including permission to study while on a personal (non-academic) leave of absence.

Dean’s Advisory Committee

This committee advises the dean of the college in interpreting and applying the college’s academic rules. Its role is to review student academic records as well as student and faculty petitions in order to make recommendations to the associate dean. Students may appeal to the committee for waivers of specific rules, as well as appeal decisions made by the registrar regarding excused grades or late grade track changes. Dean’s Advisory Committee also considers student applications for venture grants and applications to approve the liberal arts and sciences major. The committee meets on the third Thursday of each block, and petitions must be submitted to the dean’s office on or before the second Friday of the block.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Student Records

Refer to “Records and Student Information” in the College Policies and Procedures section for more information.

Grievances Against Faculty

Students with a grievance or complaint against a faculty member should first attempt to address the concern with the faculty member directly. If a student feels unsafe or fears retaliation, the student should bring the concern to the attention of the chair of the department in which the faculty member teaches. Students may also meet with the associate dean of the college or the dean of the college and the faculty to address concerns that have not been resolved by following the steps outlined above. Either of the associate deans of students may be consulted for advice at any time.

Honor Council Appeals

See “Constitution of the Colorado College Honor System” in this section.

Miscellaneous Academic Grievances

Any academic grievances not covered in the preceding policy sections should be referred to the associate dean of the college.