The inaugural Community Safety Accountability Committee, created in response to student concerns about local, national, and global policing, reviews and makes recommendations on all college practices related to safety and wellness. More specifically, the committee aims to develop extensive on-boarding processes; utilize results from the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance Campus Climate and Healthy Minds surveys to inform recommendations regarding overall campus climate and resources related to policing equity, mental health and well-being, and sexual violence prevention; assess and approve Campus Safety trainings with a particular focus on trauma-informed care, antiracism, and mental health; participate in Campus Resource Officer hires; oversee the formation of a Public Safety Think Tank; communicate regularly with the local community; monitor and identify patterns in fire and safety reports, bias incidence logs, and other relevant documentation; and address complaints regarding inequity or discrimination.

Reporting directly to the President, current members include committee Chair Dr. Heidi R. Lewis, Director and Associate Director of Feminist & Gender Studies and Inaugural Coordinator of Early Career Faculty Development Programs; Cathy Buckley, Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Management; Dr. Edwin Toshio Hamada, Assistant Vice President for the Residential Experience; Rochelle T. Dickey, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Life; Dr. Heather Horton, Senior Director of Student Health and Well-Being; Rosalie Rodriguez, Senior Associate Dean of Students for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Director of the Butler Center (representing the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Team); Dr. Santiago Guerra, Director and Associate Professor of Southwest Studies (appointed by the Faculty Executive Committee); Steve Lawson, Interim Library Director (appointed by Staff Council); Kailani Aragon (’25), Atquetzali Quiroz (’24), and Mary Duggan (’23) (appointed by the Colorado College Student Government Association or selected through an application process); and a yet-to-be-determined member of the Colorado Springs community (appointed by the Collaborative for Community Engagement).

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