Residential Requirement

The residential requirement is a critical part of the Colorado College experience. As a result, all students must live on campus for the first three years of their enrollment at CC. Students may apply to live off campus if they meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Are married or are same-sex domestic partners as substantiated by the college
  • Have dependent children living with them
  • Will live with their parent(s) or legal guardian in Colorado Springs
  • Are 23 years of age or older
  • Are veterans

Signing a lease without off-campus housing approval does not exempt a student from financial responsibility for an assigned space in campus housing.

Senior Off-Campus Living

Students who will have 6 semesters prior to the start of any semester may apply to live off campus as a senior for the following semester, so long as they do so in accordance the deadlines published by the department of residential life and housing. If a student does not apply for senior off-campus status by the dates specified, he/she may not be permitted to live off campus and may be responsible for the cost of a semester room assignment on campus.

Off-Campus Housing Information

No single office deals specifically with off-campus student issues. However, the office of residential life has information on local housing. Note that, regardless of where you live, all of your college correspondence will go to your mailbox in the Worner Center.

All students who live on or off campus have the responsibility to uphold the Code of Conduct. Any student whose behavior does not fall within the standards of the college may be required to return to campus housing, as well as face additional conduct responses.

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