Grievances & Appeals

Discrimination Complaints or Grievances. See "Anti-Discrimination Policy" in this section. For further questions, consult the Interim Title IX Coordinator Josh Isringhausen (Office: 214 E. Dale Street, #200. Phone: 719-389-6886. E-mail:

Grievances Against Faculty. See Academic Policies and Procedures, Academic Grievances.

Grievances Against Staff. A student with a grievance against a staff member of Colorado College should first attempt to bring their complaint to the staff member's attention. If you feel unsafe doing so, or fear some kind of reprisal, you may contact the staff member's direct supervisor to make a complaint. Either of the associate deans of students are available to assist you with concerns. Colorado College chaplains are available for consultation and interpersonal mediation.

Financial Aid Appeals. A student or parent with a concern about a financial aid award should confer with the director, associate director, or assistant director of financial aid to resolve the matter. The student or parent may discuss guidelines to revise a financial aid award or to make an appeal. The financial aid office does not negotiate awards but instead reviews information that fits within our awarding methodology. We do not change or negotiate awards based on comparisons with other colleges.

The Appeal for Consideration of Special Circumstances and the Review of Unemployment Situation forms are available in the financial aid office and on the financial aid office web site. Financial aid staff are available to explain the appeal process to current students. Students should submit forms with detailed information and a rationale that will support the family's request to the director of financial aid. Significant changes in the family's income or assets are appealable items. Unresolved matters may be appealed to the Committee on Financial Aid Appeals. The decision of the committee is final.

Parking Appeals. Appeals for tickets can be submitted via the on-line appeals form link located on the parking Web page at or via e-mail to Policy exceptions should be made to the parking office, in care of the parking manager.

Student Account Appeals. If you need to resolve a disputed charge on your account, you must submit a written appeal to the assistant to the vice-president for student life/dean of students, who will forward the appeal to the Student Accounts Review Committee. The committee will review the appeal and determine what adjustment, if any, will be made to your account. This committee normally meets the last Friday of every block. The committee's decision is final.

Grievances Addressed to External Agencies. If a student believes that the College's administrative procedures outlined above have not adequately addressed concerns identified under the Program Integrity Rule, they may pursue an external process. Students may file a grievance against the College with relevant state and federal agencies including, but not limited to, the Higher Learning Commission, the Colorado Department of Higher Education, and the Office of Civil Rights. Please note that many agencies require students to first exhaust their college's grievance procedures before filing a grievance with the agency.

We recommend that students refer to the individual agency's policies to familiarize themselves with relevant requirements including filing deadlines and whether they must first pursue the College's grievance process.

  • Accrediting Agency: Any prospective or enrolled student may request a copy of CC's accreditation and state approval documents. Complaints relating to the College's institutional quality may be filed with the Higher Learning Commission at
  • Colorado Department of Higher Education: Students who have exhausted campus opportunities for resolution and are unsatisfied with their resolution may file a complaint with the Colorado Department of Higher Education at Students living outside of Colorado may file an additional complaint with their state agency.
  • Office of Civil Rights: Anyone who believes that an education institution that receives federal financial assistance has discriminated against someone on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age, may file a grievance at
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