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Archived Documents

Original Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) Committees

LRDP Steering Committee

Committee Co-chairs:

Victor Nelson-Cisneros, Interim Dean
Tom Nycum, Vice President Business and Finance/Treasurer

Steering Committee Members:

Richard Celeste, President
Dan Cooper, Chair Buildings and Grounds Committee - BOT
Michael Grace, Chair FEC - Or FEC Designate
Jeff Noblett, Chair of Design Review Board
Laurel McLeod, Vice President Student Life
Stephen Elder, Vice President for Advancement
Gary Reynolds, Director of Facility Services

LRDP Working Group Co-chairs:

Larry Stimpert
Carol Dickerson

LRDP Working Group

Committee Co-chairs:

Larry Stimpert, Faculty
Carol Dickerson, Library Director


Dennis Rubba, InsiteDesign - Landscape Arch.
Jonathan Bregman - Space Planning

Internal Committee Members:

John Simons, Chair, HEC
Fred Tinsley, Chair, Natural Sc. Ex. Cmtee.
David Gardiner, Faculty DRB
Cecelia Gonzales, Staff DRB
Matt Johnson, Student DRB
Randy Stiles, Director ITS
Julie Soriero, Athletic Director
Victor Nelson-Cisneros, Associate Dean
Libby Rittenberg, Dean Summer Programs
Mark Johnson, Social Sciences
Mike Edmonds, Dean of Students
Judi Lakin, Co-Director External Relations
Diane Benninghoff, Advancement
David Lord, Business Office
Jeff Cathey, Assistant Dean of Students
Ron Smith, Chief of Campus Security
Werner Heim, Retiree Community
Phil Cervantes, Physics
Rachel Cederberg, Staff Council
Regina DeMarco, Staff Council

External Committee Members:

Liz Bevington, Old North End Neigh. Rep
Joyce Stivers, Near North End Neighborhood / Executive Director of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colo Springs
Ira Joseph, City of Colo Spgs City Planning
Fred Whitaker, Old North End Neigh. Rep.

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