Library Building Success Metrics

Criteria for success

  • Utilization - making sure the spaces are being used
  • Showcasing - making sure that we are showcasing the Academic Program
  • Collaboration - CC community members working and studying together in new and exciting ways

Review timeline for first year

  • End of block 2
  • Half block
  • After block 8


Utilization metrics

  • Gate counts total for the day, all 3 doors. First person in the morning each day takes count (circ)
    • Also when the library closes at 2:00am or 4:00am on last 2 days of the block. (security guard)
  • Manual "walk through" counts floor by floor (welcome desk team)
    • Sun - Thurs: 10am, 3pm, 9pm, 2am
    • Fri - Sat: 10am, 3pm, 9pm
    • Block Breaks: 10am, 3pm
  • Room reservation system data (ITS:)
    • Will ask for purpose as part of room reservations
    • Who used rooms, when, how often
    • Number of Block and Adjunct classes

Showcasing metrics

  • Records of academic events / programs that happen in the building.
    • Operations Manager with input from Communications group.
  • Metrics on theses and other items submitted to digital CC and how much they are accessed.

Collaboration metrics

  • Solicit stories from staff working in the building about collaborations. Also survey faculty and students about examples, what spaces they like, etc.
    • Identify a person from each service area to record some of these interactions / stories.

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