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Library Partners Operations Group

The Library Partners Operations Group (LPOG) is a representative group that determines Tutt Library building policies and procedures which are carried out by the Operations Manager and also assesses the building functions.

The LPOG meets approximately every other week from 3:00 – 4:00pm in Tutt Library.  

LPOG meetings are open and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend to listen and offer feedback on the matters at hand. Agendas and meeting minutes for each meeting will be posted.

LPOG composition

  • Three core standing members (all of whom work in the building every day). The core group makes consensus decisions based on input from others who attend. In the event they cannot reach consensus, the Library Director makes the final decision.

  • Three rotating advisory members. The advisory group attends all meetings and ensures sufficient representation. Advisory members serve for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years. The core group has directly appointed the first advisory group. After the first year, open positions will be filled via a nomination process. The core group will select a person from the nominees to be the new advisory member.

  • Two ex-officio members will always be on LPOG. The Tutt Library Operations Manager will always be on the group in order to facilitate communication and clarity in carrying out the policies and procedures decided there. A group secretary will also be on LPOG to record meeting minutes and handle logistics.


Core Standing Members

  • Library Director - JoAnn Jacoby
  • Colket Center Director - Traci Freeman
  • ITS: Solutions Center Team Lead - Chad Schonewill
  • Instructional Technology - Matt Gottfried
  • Tutt Library Operations Manager - Jenn Sides

Rotating Advisory Members

  • Outposters - Drew Cavin
  • Library Services - Jessy Randall
  • Advising Hub - Jennifer O'Bryant

Ex-Officio Member

  • Library Administrative Assistant - Patti Spoelman