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2018 Application

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Colorado College Honor Council. We greatly appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in filling out this application. Please note that this form, your recommendation letters, and your interview are the only opportunities to demonstrate your qualifications for joining the Honor Council. As such, these will be the only components evaluated during the deliberation process. For any questions or concerns regarding this form or the application process, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us or to our Officer of Recruitment, Kevin Caruana (

This application and all letters of recommendation are due on Friday, November 17th.

Harrison Raine '19 & Kate Schroeder '19
Honor Council Co-Chairs

As part of this application, you must submit TWO letters of recommendation. The first recommendation is to be completed by a member of the faculty or a college staff member. The second recommendation is to be completed by another CC student. Current Honor Council members are NOT allowed to write recommendation letters for applicants. Please provide the names of your two recommenders when prompted in the form below and direct them to complete the recommendation forms, located on the Honor Council application webpage.

Please also limit your responses to 250 words or fewer per short answer question. We highly encourage concise responses. Please proofread your responses as strong writing skills and attention to detail are essential qualities of future Honor Council members.

Please advise that it is your responsibility to reach out to your recommenders to ensure that they have completed the appropriate forms by Friday, November 17th