Dynamic Half Block

January 8-18, 2024

The Dynamic Half Block provides for-credit and non-credit opportunities for students looking to capitalize on their winter break. During this nine-day period, students can explore unique courses and offerings that will challenge them to grow valuable habits of intellect, imagination, and professionalism.

Half Block Class Policy

Half-block is a 0.5 unit course offered at the beginning of the spring semester. If a student is enrolled full-time in the spring semester, half-block does not carry a tuition charge. If a student is part-time during the spring semester, half-block is charged as the half-unit course fee of $5,172.50.

For financial aid purposes, half-block is part of the spring semester. If a student is not taking 3 other units in the spring, half-block will be added to their enrollment to determine their federal aid eligibility. However, no CC financial aid will be offered for enrollment in half-block.

CC Tuition Policy

Non-Credit Offerings

Build your résumé, and complement your transcript.

The non-credit offerings in Dynamic Half Block provide a unique opportunity for students to explore interests and gain professional knowledge and skills. Participation in many of these offerings will increase your competencies making you more competitive for internships, graduate/professional schools, and full-time jobs.


For-Credit Offerings

Develop your habits of intellect and imagination

For-credit academic offerings during the nine-day half-block give students the opportunity to explore courses outside of their major and requirements or to work closely with professors to delve deeper into a subject matter for which they already have foundational coursework. Students can earn 0.5 units of credit towards the 32 required for graduation and tuition for half-block is already included in the spring semester tuition.

Registration in SSB for Half Block will open in Add/Drop along with Fall 2023 schedule changes beginning May 10, 2023, at 12 PM MDT.


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Contact the corresponding academic department of the program you're interested in.


Please contact the Career Center at careercenter@coloradocollege.edu or (719) 389-6893.