Propose a Course

Please review the Instructions and Overview document for submitting proposals before completing the relevant form(s).

If you have taught a topics course in the past that has received a general education designation and the course has been approved as a stand-alone course with its own dedicated course number, you do not need to fill out any of the below forms. Email Amanda Udis-Kessler with the old course name and number, the new course name and number, and any designations the course had as a topics course.

Colorado College departments and/or faculty should use one of the following online forms to submit courses for General Education designations:

For all other General Education courses, please click on the category for which you wish to designate a course. You will be taken to a recently updated (July 25, 2023) proposal form within Microsoft Forms.

1. Analysis and Interpretation of Meaning

2. Creative Process

3. Critical Engagement through Language

4. Equity and Power (same form for Global and U.S.)

5. Formal Reasoning and Logic

6. Historical Perspectives

7. Scientific Analysis

8. Societies and Human Behavior

**Only courses that already have COI approval will be reviewed for general education category designations, with rare exceptions. Please contact Amanda Udis-Kessler for information about exceptions.

The deadline for submission of new courses to be taught in 2023-2024 is October 2, 2023 (second Monday of Block 2, 2023) EXCEPT FOR CC100 and CC120. 

The deadline for submission of new courses to be taught in 2024-2025 or later (including summer 2024) is January 14, 2024 (during Half-Block) EXCEPT FOR CC100 and CC120.

The deadline for submission of new CC100 and CC120 courses for 2024-2025 is March 13, 2024 (last day of Block 6, 2024).

The proposal has information about the submission process and the information needed by the General Education Assessment and Review Committee. If you have questions after reviewing the relevant form, please contact Amanda Udis-Kessler at



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