Social Inequality: Goals

Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality courses focus primarily on how inequality-with respect to nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, class, and/or sexuality-is produced, reproduced, experienced, and resisted. They analyze critically the social and cultural differences, traditions, and experiences of marginalized or subjugated populations in the United States or globally, investigating the social, political, economic, cultural, psychological, and/or historical processes that shape the emergence and status of such populations. In so doing, these courses may examine such matters as the nature of power and domination, political economy, social justice movements, identity formation, and/or cultural and artistic productions. (as passed by vote of the faculty)

Please be aware that anyone receiving a Critical Perspectives designation for one or more of their courses is implicitly agreeing to participate in a general education assessment process about once every three years. The process is not difficult and, if done well, may be helpful to you in your Critical Perspectives teaching.

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