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Quick Contacts

Utilize this list to get in contact with current club leadership. Please note that all clubs are run by student athletes, so please be patient when waiting for a response. If you have an urgent issue to address, please feel free to contact either the Director of the Fitness Center & Recreation or the Assistant Director of Recreation.

BASEBALLJoey Larabee, 612-670-5999
Austin Halpern, 440-862-3150
CLIMBINGZach Levy, 480-510-9155,
CYCLINGWyatt Mason, 425-870-8310,
Eli Kranefuss, 415-272-2238
EQUESTRIANTracy Powers (Coach), 719-332-4256 
Settie Harrison, 216-965-7243
Rosie Smith, 385-205-9300
Anjali Khanna, 203-832-0611
FIGURE SKATINGLinda Alexander (Coach), 719-389-6156
Isabel Leadbeater, 312-342-5605
Arielle Gordan, 240-393-2480
ICE HOCKEY, MEN'SHugh Cashman, 952-237-3802
Joey Larabee, 612-670-5999
Kyler Deshpande, 760-464-8479
ICE HOCKEY, WOMEN'SDelaney Weiss, 760-464-8479
Justine Miller, 612-991-7092
INDOOR TRACK & FIELDPaul Olsen, 406-580-8807
NORDIC SKIINGBenjamin Swift, 970-901-3156
Laurel Sullivan, 508-734-0312
RUGBY, MEN'STeam Email:
Aidan Prior, 978-766-2938
Cian McGillicuddy, 845-494-2228
RUGBY, WOMEN'SKristen Kinchla, 508-983-4846
Charlotte Majercik, 207-751-8536
SOCCER, MEN'SLorenzo Auslander, 347-701-9609
Jay Hickey, 917-715-0671
SOCCER, WOMEN'SAnna Renkert, 720-785-3565
Ellie Clayton, 781-879-3032
Kekai Wong Yuen, 808-938-1260
ULTIMATE FRISBEE, MEN'SOrren Fox, 978-968-9839
Patrick Ende, 828-450-0630
Chris Pleasance, 650-863-1052
ULTIMATE FRISBEE, WOMEN'SIndia Hilty, 970-361-2977
Ellen Buford, 541-740-5077
Stella Biehl, 206-499-8146

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Director of Recreation & Fitness Center

Assistant Director of Recreation

Athletic Training Graduate Assistant