Quick Contacts, 2022-23

Utilize this list to get in contact with current club leadership. Please note that all clubs are run by students, so please be patient when waiting for a response. If you have an urgent issue to address, please contact the Director of the Campus Rec and the Fitness Center.

BASEBALL Stefan Babij, s_babij@coloradocollege.edu
CLIMBING Dova Castaneda Zillyd_castanedazilly@coloradocollege.edu
Conor Wellman, c_wellman@coloradocollege.edu
CYCLING Eli Zamore, e_zamore@coloradocollege.edu
Sadie Fleig, s_fleig@coloradocollege.edu
EQUESTRIAN Tracey Powers (coach), 719-332-4256

Rosie Smith, rr_smith@coloradocollege.edu
Jessie Chapline, j_chapline@coloradocollege.edu
FIGURE SKATING Kate Wang, ka_wang@coloradocollege.edu
FREERIDE SKIING (provisional status) Soren Gessner, s_gessner@coloradocollege.edu
Moesy Shumway, m_shumway@coloradocollege.edu
Cat Krupka, c_krupka@coloradocollege.edu
ICE HOCKEY, MEN'S Alex Weinman, a_weinman@coloradocollege.edu
Spencer Shaw, s_shaw@coloradocollege.edu 
Toby Ellingwood, t_ellingwood@coloradocollege.edu
ICE HOCKEY, WOMEN'S Daphne Frantzis, d_frantzis@coloradocollege.edu
INDOOR TRACK & FIELD Aidan Santos, a_santos@coloradocollege.edu
NORDIC SKIING Ruby Lambr_lamb@coloradocollege.edu
RUGBY, MEN'S Team Email: rugby@coloradocollege.edu
Luca Espinosa, l_espinosa@coloradocollege.edu
JP Salazar, jo_salazar@coloradocollege.edu
Ethan Gould, e_gould@coloradocollege.edu
Mike Romer, m_romer@coloradocollege.edu
CUTTHROAT (women's rugby) Nola Ranestil, n_ranestil@coloradocollege.edu
Delaney Kenyon, d_kenyon@coloradocollege.edu
SOCCER, MEN'S Luca Espinosa, l_espinosa@coloradocollege.edu
Jack Beattie, j_beattie@coloradocollege.edu
Lucas Bush
, l_bush@coloradocollege.edu
SOCCER, WOMEN'S Katherine Hatch, k_hatch@coloradocollege.edu
Claire Jennings, c_jennings@coloradocollege.edu
Zoey Roueche, z_roueche@coloradocollege.edu
WASABI (men's Ultimate) Lincoln Grench, l_grench@coloradocollege.edu
Will Wallace, w_wallace@coloradocollege.edu
Oliver Craft, o_craft@coloradocollege.edu
Gordon Clark, g_clark@coloradocollege.edu
ZENITH (women's Ultimate) Elsa Hoff, e_hoff@coloradocollege.edu
Mary Andrews, m_andrews@coloradocollege.edu
Leo Fries, g_fries@coloradocollege.edu
Sophia Hennessy
, s_hennessy@coloradocollege.edu
SPACE CAMP (gender inclusive Ultimate)


Natasha Jaddock, n_jaddock@coloradocollege.edu
Nate Vincent, n_vincent@coloradocollege.edu
Isabel Cody, i_cody@coloradocollege.edu

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Director of Campus Rec & Fitness Center

Campus Rec Athletic Trainer