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Photography Requests

Please fill out this photo request form and submit it to the Communications Office. Complete the entire form, where applicable, before submitting.

Please allow 2 weeks advance notice. We realize that this is not always possible, and exceptions could be made at the discretion of CC Communications. If you have any questions, please contact Communications, at x6603 or

Thank you for filling out this request. The CC Office of Communications will contact you regarding this request letting you know if it is possible for a photographer to attend. Please know that requests should be made no less than 2 weeks in advance for consideration. If your request is for a lunch or dinner event, we will likely suggest a freelancer as our office is largely focused on telling CC's unique story and does not generally have time or a publication need for event photography. We are happy to help you identify an event photographer if you need one.

For external requests for taking photos on-campus, please email Andreanna Trujillo

Report an issue - Last updated: 06/16/2021