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Admission Volunteer Program

The Admission Volunteer Program (AVP) connects prospective applicants seeking admission to Colorado College with alumni in an effort to continue the tradition of excellence at CC. AVP grants prospective students opportunities to gain greater insight into the Colorado College experience and simultaneously, allows CC alumni to stay connected with their alma mater. We offer three ways for alumni to partner with us:


Prospective student interviews are a mutually enjoyable and beneficial process for the student, the interviewer, and the Admission Office. At Colorado College, interviews give the Admission Committee personal context about applicants that may not be obvious in their application. For students, the interview is an opportunity to learn more about Colorado College. The interview is a conversation, led by the interviewer, and a way to get to know the student in more dynamic way than what we can see on paper.

The Admission Office looks for capable, competitive, and compelling students who will contribute to our campus. The holistic admission process at Colorado College allows applicants to shine in many unique ways, rather than relying exclusively on academic profiles and test scores. The interview is not required as part of the admission process, but is highly encouraged. While it is not always the deciding factor, the interview provides dimension to each application, ensuring the shaping and molding of a more cohesive and unique class by taking an individual look at each applicant and their skills, abilities, talents and potential.

AVP volunteers are critical in implementing quality interviews to supplement the admission process. Alumni volunteers thoroughly enjoy interviewing prospective students because it reminds them of their experiences at Colorado College and connects them to the process that brings the next generation of Tigers to campus.

After the admission committee admits students, you will receive information about the students you interviewed and will have the opportunity to call and congratulate those who were admitted. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student you interviewed enroll at Colorado College.

Except, of course, seeing them graduate.

Qualifications to become an alumni interviewer:

  1. You must have received an undergraduate degree from Colorado College
  2. You must have experienced the block plan as a student
  3. You must not have a close relative in the admission pool
  4. You must complete an interview training.

Train to interview

Interview trainings are a great way to sit down with a Director and learn interview techniques and processes, as well as gain some context on the admission cycle. Trainings are offered periodically on campus and in cities around the country.

Would you like to interview students this year?

Check CC Coming to You to see when an admission director will be hosting an interview weekend in your city.

Are you busy, but you still want to interview? Pick a date between July 1st and January 1st when you can interview at your convenience, at your office, a library, or a coffee shop – and we’ll send the students to you! Please fill out this form if interested: (please check back-the form is not currently available)

Are you near campus? We are always looking for volunteers to interview students on campus during our Fall Open House programs.

College Fairs

Our Admission Directors spend most of Fall and Spring on the road, traveling to high schools and college fairs all over the country and the world. While we do our best to attend as many college fairs as possible, there are many that we miss. It is here where we rely on our alumni volunteers to represent Colorado College.

Once we connect you with a fair, we will send you a box of supplies, including a table cloth, a name tag, view books, financial aid information, and road pieces. Spend a couple hours talking with high school students and their families, answering questions (read: “What’s the Block Plan?”), and sharing your own Colorado College experience.

Admitted Student Receptions

Every spring after acceptance letters are mailed out and before final decisions have to be made, the Admission Office hosts Admitted Student Receptions in different cities around the country. Admitted students have the opportunity to meet and greet with alumni, who, in turn, get to share their excitement and experience with the prospective student.

Whether you can host an hors d’oeuvres meet and greet event at your home, recommend a great location in your city, or attend as a proud Colorado College alumnus/a, we invite you to be a part of our Admitted Student Receptions.

If you are interested in other potential opportunities to partner with your alma mater, please visit the college alumni volunteer opportunities webpage.

If you have any questions regarding AVP please contact

If you would like to sign up for the Admission Volunteer Program, please fill out this form.