2023-24 Supplemental Essay

In addition to the personal statement, we ask that you also submit a Colorado College-specific short essay as part of your application.

Essay Prompt

On Colorado College's Block Plan, students immerse themselves in one class at a time, fostering deep engagement and courageous conversations with peers and professors. We embrace diverse perspectives, encouraging students to think differently.

In seeking to identify students who will thrive at CC, we’d like to know more about your background and experiences.

In answering one of the prompts below, feel free to highlight any aspects of your self-identity that will help us know you better. This could include, but is not limited to, gender identity, first-generation status, race, ethnicity, political views, socioeconomic background, spirituality, or geographic origin. With respect to race in particular, please note that in a 2023 majority decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, Chief Justice John Roberts stated, “Nothing in this opinion should be construed as prohibiting universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected the applicant’s life, be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise.”

  • Tell us about a time when you learned from an experience that challenged your perspective.
  • Provide one or two specific examples from your life that demonstrate your potential to advance CC’s commitment to antiracism.
  • Describe how your personal experiences with a particular community make you a student who would benefit from Colorado College’s Block Plan.

Recommended length: 250 to 300 words.

Tips and Advice

  • Be specific: while we know you may have several short essays to write for different colleges, please take the time to customize your response to Colorado College.
  • The choice is yours: We offer three different prompts with no preference for one over the other. Select the prompt that you feel like you can best use to give us better insight into your interests and potential.
  • Be authentic: we ask this question to better understand who you are as a student and community member. Share the things with us about yourself that are true to who you are, but don't feel obligated to include information that is painful or traumatic.
  • Proofread: Take the time to carefully review your response before you submit. Read it out loud, ask a friend or family member to take a look, and don't rush!

For more advice, check out this quick video from our dean of admission, Karen Kristof:


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