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Department of Religion Course Schedule, 2023-24

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Chandrani, Yogesh





RE 200/PA 250, AN 208 Colonialsm & Religion (EPG)


      RE 200/PA 250    The Minority Questions in Asia (EPG)

Coleman, Tracy

RE 160/PA 160 Hinduism (WD,G,AIM)

        CC 120             Gender & Sexuality in the Study of Religions

            RE200                      Holy Men,   Manly Men (EPG) 12 FY


     RE 406            Senior Thesis


Women & Goddesses in Hinduism                 (G, S, EPG, AIM)

RE 160/PA 160   Hinduism     (WD,G,AIM)

Gardiner, David                     


          CC 120              The Mind-Body Problem


RE 170/PA 170 Buddhism (WD,G,AIM)   RE 170/PA 170 Buddhism (WD,G,AIM)          RE 406            Senior Thesis              RE200 Powers of Imagination RE 281/PA 281  Religious Poetry in Asia (AIM)
Hunt, Christopher

         CC104 African American Religious History (HP)

RE 130 Christianity  6 FY


     RE 282/RM 282Africana Philosophy (W/ Jonathan Lee) (EGP)

         RE 406            Senior Thesis

RE 392/RM 200 Religion & Race in the Modern World (HP,EPG)         

RE 200/FG 206 Queer(ing) Religious Thought: An Introduction to Queer Studies in Religion (EP)

Reaves, Pamela


CC 120
American Jesus

 RE 213 Apocolypse (AIM,HP) 

12 FY

        RE 200/HY 200 Matyrs & Saints (HP)


                 RE406 Senior Thesis

           RE200 Jews, Christians,and the Origins of Antisemitism (EPG)

Wright, Peter

Black & Brown Muslims in White America (AIM)

RE 101/302 Introduction to Religion/Seminar in Theory & Method (WD,AIM)

6 FY 

    RE 346        The Qu'ran





RE 209/SO214       Sociology of Religion (w/ Gail E. Murphy-Geiss) (SHB)

        RE 200/AN326      Topics in Religion:Religion & Ritual (w/ Sarah J. Hautzinger)(AIM)

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