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English Department 2016-2017 Course Grid

ProfessorBlock 1Block 2Block 3Block 4 Half BlockBlock 5Block 6Block 7Block 8


S   A   B   B   A   T   I   C   A   L

EN280: Introduction to Narrative Medicine

EN250: Introduction to Literary Theory (WD)

FYE: EN280/CO200 Comedy (w/Hughes)

Non-teaching Block

FS215/FM101: Introduction to Film Studies


Non-teaching Block

EN480: Senior Seminar:  Marie de France

Non-teaching Block

EN499: Senior Project


EN221: Introduction to Poetry (WI)

Non-teaching Block

EN311: Chaucer (WD)

EN280: Monstrosity


EN370/RM300: 19th c. African- American Women Writers

Non-teaching Block

EN380: Contemporary Afropean Women's Literature

EN499: Senior Project


RM212: Theories of Race and Ethnicity

REMS Chair's Block

Non-teaching Block

EN385/RM385: Black Writers in Paris


NEH Block

Non-teaching Block 

EN499: Senior Project

EN286/TH200: Adaptation (w/Goodwin, WD)  

EN280/TH200: Theatre for a New Audience (w/Lindblade in NYC)

EN481: CW Senior Seminar: Fiction EN485: CW Senior Projects: Fiction Non-teaching Block


EN308: Advanced Poetry Workshop

Non-teaching Block Non-teaching Block Faculty Development Block EN282: Beginning Poetry Writing EN499: Senior Project EN221: Introduction to Poetry (WI)


CO200/FS205: Romantic Comedy

CO200: Gender Trouble on the Acropolis (in Greece)

Non-teaching Block

CO200/FM205: Contextualizing Christmas


FYE: EN280/CO200: Comedy (w/Butte)

EN499: Senior Project

Non-teaching Block

Non-teaching Block


EN259/FG259: LGBTQ Literature

EN499: Senior Project Rubenstein Block EN326/FM304/FS205: Shakespeare's Tragedies on Film (w/Simons) EN480: Senior Seminar: Shakespeare in Time Non-teaching Block Non-teaching Block


EN221: Introduction to Poetry (WD)

Non-teaching Block

CL222/CO200/EN280/PH141: Greek Poetry and Philosophy (w/Lee, in Greece)

Chair's Block


EN386: Ulysses (w/Simons)

EN481: CW Senior Seminar: Poetry

EN485: CW Senior Projects: Poetry

Non-teaching Block


EN283: Beginning Fiction Writing

Non-teaching Block

Non-teaching Block

MacLean Block

EN280: Native American Contemporary Nonfiction EN499: Senior Project EN380: Diverse Voices/Diverse Forms


Associate Chair's Block

Non-teaching Block

EN360: British Romanticism, Slavery, and Abolition

Rubenstein Block

EN280: Disability and Literature

EN399: Junior Seminar: Anglo-American Identities

EN221: Introduction to Poetry (WD) EN499: Senior Project Non-teaching Block


Non-teaching Block

FNM Chair's Block 

EN399: Junior Seminar: Reading the Popular

EN250: Introduction to Literary Theory


EN499: Senior Project

FS315/FM300: Film History and Theory

EN381: Faulkner

Non-teaching Block


FYE: EN115/PS115: Concepts of Freedom from Ancient to Modern Times (w/Fuller)

Non-teaching Block

EN326/FM304/FS205: Shakespeare's Tragedies on Film (w/Love)

 FS205: Play it Again, Bogie

EN386: Ulysses (w/Mason)

EN499: Senior Project FS205/FM200: The Western Non-teaching Block

One-year Visitor: Stefanek

EN225: Introduction to Shakespeare 

EN310: Issues in Medieval Literature 

EN326/ES300: Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Shakespeare

EN221: Introduction to Poetry (WD)  

Non-teaching Block

EN320: Issues in Renaissance Literature 

EN225: Introduction to Shakespeare 

Non-teaching Block  

One-year Visitor: Singh

EN380/ES300: Hearts of Darkness: The Conrad Variations

EN280/RM200: Literature of the Indian Ocean World

Non-teaching Block

Non-teaching Block


EN280/ES200: African Literature 

EN380/RM300: Asian American Literature

EN499: Senior Project

EN280/RM200: The Cult of the British Hill Station (2 weeks in India)

Riley Scholar in Residence: Chavez

FM205/EN286: Multi-Media Writing (Chavez)

FM205/EN286: The Podcast (Chavez)

Visitors/Cross Lists

EN286/FM205: Creative Non-fiction (Chavez)

EN309: Advanced Fiction Workshop (Kuitenbrouwer)

EN397: American Literature 1914-1950 (Tynan)

EN309: Advanced Fiction Workshop (Everett)


EN280: Buddhism in American Poetry (Moore)

CO300/EN280: Vladimir Nabokov (Scheiner)

EN303: Theories of Teaching Writing (Santa, WD)

EN360: Gothicism and Dark Romanticism (Tannenbaum)

Visitors/Cross Lists

TH229/EN286/RM200: Rewriting America: Playwrights & Cultural Identity (Goodwin)

AR320/CO200/EN290/RM200: Introduction to Anglophone-Arab Literature (Naji)

CO200/EN280/RM200: Making the Invisible Visible: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man (Sawyer)    EN288/TH217: Writing for Performance II (Goodwin)


EN394: American Dream/American Nightmare (Tynan)

CO210/EN250: Introduction to Literary Theory (Davis)

 Visitors/Cross Lists

FM102/FS212: Basic Filmmaking (TBD)

RM200/EN306: The Fanon Variations (Sawyer)     SW339/EN380: Chican@ Literature (Roybal) FM302/FS312: Advanced Filmmaking (Haskell)

Visitors/Cross Lists

GS233/EN286: Modern American Memoir/Bryant

FM202/FS284: Screenwriting (TBD)   EN381/IT320: Dante (Minervini)

 Visitors/Cross Lists

FS215/FM101: Introduction to Film Studies (Kryzch)    FM102/FS212: Basic Filmmaking (TBD)  

Visitors/Cross Lists

EN286/GS233: Elements of Narrative Non-Fiction (Sides)