Psychoanalysis: Theories of the Unconscious

Applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Advisor: Professor DOBSON; Secondary Advisors; Professors LEE, KRZYCH, RIKER

Minor Requirements

Psychoanalysis is the theory of human mentality that acknowledges that all that we think and do is profoundly impacted by unconscious processes. The psychoanalysis minor explores theories of the unconscious from Freud to the present, seeking ways to engage the unconscious in conversations that can lead to the integration and potential transformation of the human psyche. It also provides a foundation for pursuing theoretical, literary, and/or clinical studies in the students’ majors and can include courses in that major, although only one course can be counted for both the major and the minor.

The minor consists of 5 units and a final minor paper that may be completed in one of the courses upon the approval of the advisors and professors involved, or taken as an independent study for one unit: HS 370.

Category One

One or Two of the Following Courses:

PY 120, PH 262, CO 200: Discovering the Unconscious (Dobson)

PH 325 Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (Riker)

Category Two

Text Seminars. One or Two of the Following Courses:

PH 265 Freud (Lee, Riker)

PH 314: Text Seminar: Jacques Lacan (Lee)

HS 218 Psyche, Symbol, Dream: The World of C.G. Jung (Dobson)

Category Three

(The elective courses below may follow the students’ more particular leanings in the psychoanalytic field, and may contribute to their majors):

CL 220/CO 200/FG 220 Myth and Meaning (Dobson)

CL 255 Life of the Soul (Dobson)

PH 361 Philosophy of Emotions (Furtak)*

FM 203 Media and Psychoanalysis (Kryzch)

PY 281 Personality (Roberts)

PY 362 Abnormal Psychology (Erdal)*

PY 160 Women and Madness (Waters)

CO 200 Topics courses in Comparative Literature emphasizing literature and psychoanalysis (such as Journey to the Dark Side of the Soul, on German Romanticism at the end of the 19th Century, taught by Bill Davis, 2015.)

EN 386 James Joyce (Mason and Simons)*

PH 203/CO 200: Contemporary Psychoanalysis (in Chicago). (Riker, Dobson)*

*Capstone Course in Chicago -- This can be taken at any time, under any category, but students are highly encouraged to take it later in the minor, as a capstone.

Indicates prerequisites

Other courses that are pertinent may be considered for this section of the minor.

The Final Capstone paper will be from 15-20 pages long on any topic of the student’s interest.  This capstone may be completed in one of the already mentioned courses, or taken as an independent study, HS 370. (Students who come to Chicago often use the annotated bibliography on a topic of interest to them there as a foundation for this paper.)

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