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The Curriculum

At Colorado College, you learn how to learn. And that goes far beyond four years and a diploma or two.

We're not into wasting time.

Four years of slaving over hot Bunsen burners, Faulkner short stories, and messy pottery wheels - just for this diploma. It seems like a lot of work for a piece of paper. Is this it?

Honest truth? A college education can be four years of collecting facts, but it can also be four years of unearthing passions, defining yourself, and discovering the world. At Colorado College, we prefer the combination.

Stop memorizing. Start learning.

It Starts Here

Explore possibilities in your First Year Experience, a program designed to help incoming students enjoy and adjust to in-depth critical thinking, analytic discussion, and the systems that make our institution unique.

Find an unexpected obsession while fulfilling an all-college requirement.

Discuss your hopes for the future with your departmental advisor.