College 101 Sessions

2023 College 101 will be offered during New Student Orientation week, on the afternoons of Tuesday, August 22nd and Wednesday, August 23rd. 

College 101 sessions are designed to help acclimatize incoming students to college life and will cover topics such as building good scholastic habits, managing finances, taking care of one's physical and mental health, getting involved on campus as well as tours and activities. You will have the opportunity to meet upperclass CC students, staff, and your peers to learn and build a community together. To maximize your CC experience, you are required to attend two (2) "College 101" sessions and no more than 4 sessions total. 

Students have the opportunity to sign up for these sessions in advance, starting now! This link can be found in the 'to-do list' in Canvas.

The most up-to-date dates, times, and locations of these sessions can be found on to the 2023 NSO Schedule


Get excited to attend College 101 sessions which will address: 

  • How do I... Build Community at CC? with the Chaplain's Office, the Butler Center, and the Office of Campus Activities.
  • How do I... Build Healthy Relationships and Boundaries? with the Wellness Resource Center and Residential Experience.
  • How do I... Eat and Live on Campus? with Bon Appétit, Residential Experience, Campus Safety, and the Office of Sustainability.
  • How do I... Find Help when I Need It? with the Care Team, CC Pantry Exchange, Residential Experience, and the Butler Center.
  • How do I... Get Involved during Blocks and Block Breaks? with the Collaborative of Community Engagement, Outdoor Education, and the Office of Campus Activities.
  • How do I... Manage Finances and Work on Campus? with Student Employment, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid. 
  • How do I... Graduate? with the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub, Study Abroad, and Accessibility Resources.
  • How do I... Take Care of Myself Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually? with the Chaplain's Office, the Counseling Center, and the Care Team.
  • How do I... Take Care of Myself Physically? with the Fitness Center, Campus Safety, and the Wellness Resource Center.
  • Tour of the Adam F. Press Fitness Center with AFP staff.
  • Tour of East Campus with students and staff.
  • Tour of West Campus with students and staff.
  • Tour of Tutt Library with the Tutt Library staff.
  • Bike Ride Activity with the Office of Sustainability and the Collaborative of Community Engagement.
  • Meditation Activity with the Chaplain's Office
  • Tiger Spirit Activity with CC Athletics.
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