Celebrating the Legacy of Mike Edmonds

After more than 30 years serving Colorado College, Senior Vice President Mike Edmonds is retiring in May 2023.

Edmonds changed the landscape of Colorado College, illustrating the power of inclusive leadership. He is the first Black leader to serve as president in the college’s history and has been integral to advancing the college’s institutional initiatives including the college’s commitment to antiracism, creating greater access for students, and the partnership with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. He served and mentored countless students through his many years leading Student Life.

In celebration of Edmonds’ tremendous career and the lasting impact he has made on the college, join us as we celebrate Edmonds’ countless contributions to each of us, Colorado College, and the broader community.

So many people made my life possible, some I knew and some I didn’t. Their commitment to young people and their potential served me well. I hope the Mike Edmonds Legacy Fund will provide means for many future generations of CC students. This is a way to say ‘thank you’ to the many students who have made my CC experience a truly incredible and fulfilling one.

— Mike Edmonds, to President L. Song Richardson

Mike on the Mic

Mike on the Mic Podcast

Mike on the Mic is a podcast series featuring Mike Edmonds,  senior vice president, in the months leading up to his retirement after 30 years of service at CC. Mike hosts faculty members and local leaders for conversations about topics that matter including race and higher education, mental health, and the current political environment in the U.S. 

In the final episode of Mic on the Mic, Professor Steve Hayward takes over the host duties as Senior VP Edmonds reflects on his long and successful time at Colorado College.  

30 Years of Investing in Students

30 years and thousands of young minds, Mike Edmonds has had an incalculable impact on CC students. This influence, while starting on campus stretches a lifetime. Below are just a few samples of from Mike’s students on the impact he has had on their lives.

On Campus Events

Mike Edmonds’ Farewell Party

Friday, May 19
Celebrate the tremendous career of Senior Vice President Mike Edmonds with a campus community gathering in Armstrong Great Hall. Join fellow students, faculty, and staff for food, drinks, and festivities to thank Mike for his years of service and steadfast dedication to Colorado College.


The Mike Edmonds Court at Reid Arena

We are pleased to recognize Mike Edmonds, Colorado College Senior Vice President, through the naming of the Mike Edmonds Court at Reid Arena. The basketball and volleyball court within Reid Arena are named in Edmonds’ honor in connection with a generous gift from Inasmuch Foundation. The gift, which supports initiatives related to student success and well-being, commemorates Edmonds’ distinguished career, his steadfast care and concern for students, and the indelible impact he has made on the CC community.

The court dedication and reception was held:
Friday, February 17, at 6:30 p.m.
Reid Arena, El Pomar Sports Center
44 W. Cache la Poudre St.


Mike Edmonds Legacy Fund

The Mike Edmonds Legacy Fund

In addition to supporting scholarships and financial aid, the Mike Edmonds Legacy Fund aims to give students financial freedom and flexibility to experience the outside-the-classroom activities that make CC what it is — such as immersive research, extracurricular opportunities, field study, and internships — offering the chance to gain valuable life skills and career preparation that they may not otherwise experience.

By giving to the Mike Edmonds Legacy Fund, you perpetuate Mike’s legacy and help ensure that all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, may enjoy the benefits and full breadth of the CC experience.

Donor Roll

Thank you to the following donors who have made gifts to the Mike Edmonds Legacy Fund, or who have given to any fund at CC in honor of Mike Edmonds in Fiscal Year 2023 (This list is current as of April 24, 2023. It is updated weekly.):

  • Anonymous
  • Windy Haddad Adoretti '93 and Dana Adoretti
  • Catherine Allegra and Jim Tanner, P'23
  • Delia Armstrong-Busby
  • Joel Barber
  • Ben Beadle-Ryby '09
  • Andrew Bean '09 and Yi Lu
  • Logan Bennett '09
  • Robin Berk '16
  • Zack '99 and Cat Berman
  • Megan Black '95 and Carl Peecher II, P'24
  • Tim '72 and Cate Boddington
  • Hugh Bradford and Kim Waldron
  • Preston and Jennifer Briggs
  • Curnita Brisby '04
  • Nate Brodman '09
  • Susan White Burgamy '66
  • Susan Smith Burghart '77 and Rich Tosches
  • Madde Burnham '15
  • John Calderhead '83 and Lisa Grassfield
  • David '10 and Rachel Carlson
  • Heather Carroll '89 and Taylor Courey
  • Richard F. Celeste and Jacqueline Lundquist G'13, G'15
  • Bob Chastain
  • Angela Cobian '11
  • Hilary '95 and David Coffey '96
  • Elizabeth Coggins and Jeff Kasal
  • Andrea Maier Coleman '03 and Bryan Coleman
  • Cynthia and Stephen Conover, P'08
  • Gerrit Conover '08
  • Bethany Anneberg Cooper ’66 and Daniel J. Cooper ’66, P'96
  • Clay '96 and Maggie Cooper
  • Ian Coughlan '12
  • Chris Coyne '01
  • Carolyn Colket Cullen '91 and Woody Cullen, Jr., P'20, P'22
  • Stacy and Don Davidson
  • Jermyn Davis
  • Emily Dean and Stephen Kim
  • Besha Deane '07
  • Kyle '03 and Bryann DeBeer
  • Diana DeGette '79 and Lino Lipinsky de Orlov, P'16
  • Jim '76 and Kathy Vigil Deichen '76, P'06, P'10, P'12
  • Eric Duran '91 and Susana Cordova
  • Judy Edmonds
  • El Pomar Foundation
  • Josiah W. '80 and Ann Ellis
  • The Evelyn S. & Rennau H. Ross Memorial Fund
  • McKay Flanagan '21
  • Bradley A. Friedman '82
  • Willia and Walt Glover
  • Charles Gold III and Heather Terns, P'21
  • Michael D. '63 and Susan L. Grace, P'87, P'92
  • Mary Ann and Rich Graffeo
  • Tracy Lees-Grant '71 and Ronald Grant
  • Janice and Barrett Green, P'23
  • Juliet and Steve Green
  • Paulette and David Greenberg
  • John Griffin '15
  • Conaire Hallisy '05
  • Will Harris '14
  • Andrew Harwood '20
  • Andrew and Kristin Harwood, P'20
  • Lisa Remey Hastings '91 and Mark Hastings '90, P'23
  • Caitlin Hegg '18
  • Hattie Hill
  • Stefani Hukle Hille ’98 and Mark D. Hille
  • Margaret F. Hillman and John D. Hillman
  • Roosevelt Hines, Jr
  • Jay Hobbs '11 and Catherine Coogan
  • Charlie Huebner
  • Joe Howard '15
  • Inasmuch Foundation
  • Lance Jacobs '09
  • Tim Jenkins '16
  • Jeremy '99 and Sarah Jepson
  • Oliver Staaf Jones '20
  • Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation
  • Jeffrey B. '91 and Molly B. Keller P'23
  • Leon and Heather Kelly
  • Adam S. '98 and Stephanie J. Kim
  • David '94 and Leslie Blaugrund Kim '95
  • Telle King '79 and Charles deVries
  • Robin McComas Knoepke '73 and Jeff Knoepke '80
  • Bruce Kolbezen '75
  • David Lamis '19
  • Elizabeth MacLean Larned '83, P'21, P'23
  • Judy Laux '77 and Bryan Critchlow '95
  • Julia Lawton '15 and James Lonergan '16
  • Lea Leadbeater and Aaron Schwartz, P'21, P'25
  • Chris Lesnansky '15
  • Toni Linenberger '96
  • David H. Lord
  • Amy Shackelford Louis '84 and Steven S. Louis '84
  • Betsy Burkett Lyons '07 and Chris Hamp-Lyons '06
  • Andrew Maddock II '18
  • Chrissie Long Marin '06 and Derek Marin
  • Ruth '04 and H.C. Martensen III '03
  • Jim '74 and Jennifer Varner Martin '75
  • Jody Peterson McGinley '03 and Christopher McGinley
  • Trevor McProud '04 and Anne Dahlie '04
  • CJ Meigs-Moore
  • Jess Meyer '13
  • Abbay Robinson Milnor '96 and Warren Milnor
  • Kathryn Mohrman
  • Henry Molner '17
  • Kristy Morlan '91 and Andy Merrill
  • Matt '94 and Jamie Moyer
  • Caroline Mullen '05 and Matthew Hilerio
  • N.E.S., Inc.
  • Brady '94 and Karen Baker Nathan '95
  • Amit '96 and Alison Nayar
  • Shawna North Olsen '96 and Blaine Olsen '96
  • So Yong Park '87 and Brian Byun
  • Lars Parkin '07
  • Suzanne Hendrick Patterson '55
  • Jason '00 and Stephanie Phillips
  • Heather McLin Pilmanis '98 and Erik Pilmanis
  • Jack T. Pottle, Jr. '77 and Judy M. Pottle
  • Karen Rechnitzer Pope ’70, P’04
  • Cindy Qiao '21
  • Gia Sullivan Ramza '93 and Tim Ramza
  • Olivia Rask '21
  • Johnny Reed '13
  • Michael Reich '05
  • Liesel Reinisch '95 and Gary Eckwortzel
  • Song Richardson
  • Carter and Jackie Roberts, P'22
  • Christian Roberts '22
  • Kyle Samuel '92
  • Adrienne Seward
  • Mandy Sheets '03 and Kim Herman
  • Pam Shipp '69
  • Costas Sidamon-Eristoff '16
  • Katie Sieben '99 and Josh Straka
  • The Skilling Foundation
  • David Skillman '99 and Sara Chieffo
  • Rachel '94 and Mark Spellman
  • Brian '76 and Jeanne Stafford
  • Torrey Stenmark '05
  • Jim and Shirley Stewart
  • Ari Stiller-Shulman '06 and Allison Stiller
  • Margaret Sue '81 and Harvey Allon
  • Ted '84 and Leslie Sulger, P'19
  • Jon Surdam '94
  • Philip A. '84 and Kristan Swan
  • Ted '77 and Deb Swan
  • Breana Taylor '16
  • Isaiah Thomas '07
  • Jon Thomas '70 and Jan Erickson
  • Brian K. Thomson ’85
  • Jill Tiefenthaler and Kevin Rask P'21, P'24
  • Lex '67 and Anita Gable Towns '67, P'95
  • R. Thayer Tutt Jr. and Melani M. Tutt, P'15
  • David Ward '04
  • Lauren Bennett Watel '07 and Ethan Watel '07
  • Kari and Hardy Watkins
  • Dan Webb '14
  • Craig Werner '74 and Leslee Nelson
  • Brenda and Gary Whitlock
  • Jacqueline Williams
  • Luke Winfield '16
  • Alan '71 and Ruby Woo
  • Crete Crawford Wood '69 and Chips Wood, Jr., P'95, P'97
  • Adam York '05 and Cathlin Jones '06
  • Robert Young and Kathy van Leuwen, P'18
  • Ryan Young '18
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