Curricular/Co-curricular Support Beyond the Center

Teaching and learning on the block can be both demanding and rewarding. As an institution, we’re asked to realize the general education program, create anti-racist classrooms, and support students and one another through the ongoing pandemic. Our campus is rich with programs and collaborative partners who can offer support for engaged teaching and enrich learning experiences at Colorado College. To stimulate discussions and facilitate potential collaborations, the Deans’ Office and Crown Faculty Center have brought together a collective of these programs and people who can act as thought partners, share expertise, and provide resources for faculty and support students in your courses and majors. 


We look forward to working closely with you! Feel free to reach out to any of us regarding collaboration. If you're unsure of where to start, please fill out this form and we'll be in contact.

Are you considering taking your course off campus for anything from a local day trip to and block abroad? Our office can help you develop the most effective field trip or abroad experience, as well as helping you with inclusive practices, logistics, risk management, and emergency preparedness.

Preferred Contact/Booking Method: email Drew Cavin (domestic) or Allen Bertsche (international)

We support teaching, learning, and scholarly production at the college and can consult with you about your pedagogy, learning outcomes, course and assignment design.

Contact Points and Expertise:

  • Steve Getty, Ph.D. student motivation, data analysis, quantitative lab design, teaching & learning environment analysis, field work support
  • Chris Schacht, M.F.A.: In-class activity/workshop development (peer review, drafting, idea generation, rhetorical analysis), creative writing (prose), scientific writing, student academic mentoring (
  • Chelsea Walter, Ph.D.: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Mia Alvarado, M.F.A.: Student theses, reading workshops, research
  • Roy Jo Sartin, M.A.: Grant writing, proposal and application writing, writing for publications (scholarly and popular), writing in History, writing for MATs (

To enable community-engaged pursuits within the classroom and research agendas, the CCE works to expand the capacity of interested faculty by providing intellectual and practitioner support in each stage.  In particular, we work to better understand and share how to adapt, extend, and leverage a condensed, immersive block format for community impact.  CCE staff can support you in learning best practices and successful models for the block, act as thought partners in designing a class or research project, can connect you with partners and community-identified needs, serve as or connect you to community co-facilitators, and can work with your students or advisees interested in applied assignments or thesis projects.

Preferred Contact/Booking Method: Email Dr. Jordan Travis Radke, sociologist and Director of the CCE.

Creativity & Innovation supports the innovative teaching and learning that characterizes Colorado College’s educational experience by resourcing faculty members to explore creativity within their teaching and their professional lives. We work closely with professors to design and implement workshops, assignments, and activities that that help students build creative capacity, communicate effectively, and learn to address complex problems. Our Innovator in Residence program brings creative professionals of all kinds into classrooms to model new ways of thinking and inspire cross-disciplinary collaborations. We also offer a variety of funding opportunities that are intended to encourage faculty to dream boldly about the possibilities for creative teaching and learning at Colorado College. Through all our faculty collaborations, we hope to augment CC’s tradition of finding radical approaches to new and existing problems. We are available to act as thought partners at any stage of the development of a project or class activity, so please feel free to reach out with a full plan of action or the beginnings of an idea.

Preferred Contact/Booking Method: Email Jessica Hunter-Larsen, Associate Director of Creativity & Innovation at CC.

Digital Teaching & Research supports faculty who are using digital platforms to deliver their courses, who are integrating digital tools and methods into class projects, or who are interested in applying digital tools to their own scholarly research projects. We work with faculty to answer questions about online pedagogy, integrating and evaluating digital curriculum, and choosing software for research or teaching projects. Digital Research & Teaching staff offer both in-class workshops on specific digital tools and support for students working to complete digital projects.

Preferred Contact/Booking Method: Email Jennifer Golightly, Academic Applications Specialist.

The Office of Academic Programs (OAP) provides holistic support to mission-critical elements of CC’s curriculum, including the First-Year Program (CC100 & CC120), the Independently Designed Major, the CC Common Read, as well as Writing Intensive (WI) and Writing in the Disciplines (WD) courses.

Preferred Contact/Booking Method: Aaron Stoller, M.F.A., Ph.D. Inquiry-guided, experiential, and problem-based learning; writing pedagogies (particularly writing process, reflective writing, and disciplinary-driven writing); teaching disciplinary thinking; transitions pedagogies.

Tutt Library looks forward to collaborating with you in fostering intellectual exploration and discovery. We offer research expertise, collections, services, and technologies to support the rhythms of the Block Plan. Whether it is for a class, professional research or personal research, the library and the liaison librarians can help.

Preferred Contact/Booking Method:, 719-389-6662

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We can connect you with on-campus and off-campus resources, support you as you brainstorm, design, and deliver your classes, partner with departments and programs revising curricula, introduce you to knowledgeable faculty and staff, and offer a sense of possibility. We enjoy thinking with new and exerpienced faculty alike, sharing your excitement for engaged teaching and learning.


We can collaborate with you to offer in-class and out-of-class workshops, connect you and your students with academic support resources and opportunities on and off campus, support students learning new skillstechnologies, and learning to learn on the Block Plan.


We can collaborate with you on research projects focused teaching and learning in your classrooms and share resources with you on topics of interest. See an overview of SoTL and selected publications from CC staff and faculty hereFor research and writing on the Block Plan and intensive teaching and learning, as well as presentations from institutions around the world here.