Our Donors

2022 SMF Donor Appreciation Luncheon

The following very special friends contributed to the 2022 Summer Music Festival. Thanks to the generosity of these individuals, many deserving and talented young musicians are able to participate in this extraordinary program. To continue the Summer Music Festival and to maintain the highest standards of artistic excellence, the support of new friends is a continuing and vitally important goal.

If you are interested in helping to support the Summer Music Festival through annual giving or our endowment campaign, or if you would like to have your name placed on the Summer Music Festival mailing list, contact Ann Van Horn, assistant director, at (719) 389-6552 or by emailing festival@coloradocollege.edu.

Endowment Campaign Gifts
Carlton Gamer
Michael D. Grace
Jeffrey Haney
Richard and Sandra Hilt
Perotti-Holmes Music Fellowship
Katherine Loo
Tom and Pam Sanny

$10,000 and more – The Golden Baton
Arthur and Elizabeth Aikin
The Bain Family Foundation
Michael and Susan Grace
Richard and Sandra Hilt
The Estate of John Hobson
Inasmuch Foundation
John and Laurel Watkins
CC Cultural Attractions Fund

4,000-$9,999 – Music Director and Conductor’s Circle
Susan Ashley and Robert Lee
Nancy Ekberg and Daniel Tynan
Timothy Fuller - In memory of Kalah Powers Fuller
Michael J. Healy - In memory of Sarah Albright Healy
Katherine Loo
Esther Redmount and Harry White
Judith Sellers - In memory of Buz Sellers
UCHealth Memorial Hospital
Bee Vradenburg Foundation
Kathleen Yasumura - In memory of Kathryn Rubin
Colorado College Music Department

$2,500-$3,999 – DO
Nasit Ari and Libby Rittenberg
Gary and Anne Bradley
John Chalik and Susan Chamberlain
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Lauren Ciborowski and Ben Harvey
Avis and Curtis Cook
Nancy Hochman
Pamela and Stephen Marsh
Arthur Porter - In memory of Judy Lewallen
Constance Raub
Dr. Cynthia Rose
Margaret Satterfield - In memory of Kathryn Rubin
Webb Family Fund of Pikes Peak Community Foundation - In memory of Barbara Webb

$1,500-$2,499 – RE
Laurent Carrier
Mike Edmonds
Carlton Gamer
Samuel and Mary Alice Hall
Jeffrey Haney
Rex W. Kramer
Jon and Becky Medved
Janice Saffir and Paul Stephens
Peggy Shivers
Claire Taber
Darryl and Terry Thatcher
Herman Tiemens
Julia Viazmenski

$1,000-$1,499 – MI
Patricia and James Aronstein
Joseph and Edith Auner - In memory of Stephen Scott
Susan Bernstein
Ann Brosh
Guy and Virginia Cresap
Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation
Carol Anne Freeman and Nicholas Wilson
Stefan Hersh
Lisa B. Hughes and Barry Sarchett
Jonathan Lee and Peggy Berg
Lorna Lynn and Harold Palevsky - In honor of Susan and Michael Grace
Jim and Lee Ringe
Nancy Roeder - In memory of David William Roeder, Professor Emeritus
Tom and Pam Sanny
Jeffrey Schmoyer
Herman White

$500-$999 – FA
Geoffrey Ames and Daryll Stevens
Richard C. Bradley
Brooke Bower
Chuck and Hallie Cabell
John F. Colson - In memory of Nancy Kay Colson
Pamela Dymek
Leo Ehrhard
Dr. Susan Rae Jensen and Tom Trainer
Lynn A. Johnson
Helene Knapp
Thomas Mauch
James Montgomery
Doug and Nancy Norberg
Frances Pilch
Nancy Sidener
Suzanne and Robert Smith
Sandra Tiemens
Linda Thompson and David Watts
Charles and Karen B. Walter
Barbara and Joe Wilcox
Diane R. Williams
Phillip and Keiko Ying

$100-$499 – SO
Susanne Anselmi
Philip Baldwin
Martha Booth
Kent Borges and Stephanie DiCenzo
Stormy Burns
Tom and Bonnie Clark - In honor of Susan and Michael Grace
Kathleen Collins
Cindy Donovan - In honor of Robert Cate
Christopher Duff
John Eddy and Julie Jones-Eddy
Evelyn Epperson
Hillary Fowler
Elaine Freed
Yan Gao
Donald and Barbara Gazibara
Gene and Jolinda Grace
Edie Greene and Alan Siegel
Ross and Jane Jacobsen
Cheryl Hayman
Jane Hilberry
Cynthia Hinds - In honor of Kathleen Hindmarch
Donald and Gwen Jenkins
Jan Keder
Carolyn Keenan
Phil and Meg Kendall
John and Cherry Kinney
Eric Leonard and Lisa Noll
Inna Malyshev
Marianne McJimsey
Mary McKinley
Annette Megneys - In memory of Janine Seay
Douglas Monroy and Ann Van Horn - In memory of Margaret Van Horn
Chris and Linda O’Shea
Elisabeth Rebman
Martile Rowland
Blair and Joan Sawyer
David and Eve Sckolnik
Horst and Helen Richardson
Alan Schwartzman and
Jennifer Shallenberger
Mark Seelye
Janet and Larry Sims
Mark Warshaw - In memory of Bill Hochman
Bert and Glenda Wong

$1-$99 – LA
Nancy Arnn
Cecelia Barrocas
Barbara Bates - In memory of Sarah Healy
Laurie Beattie
Linda Beidleman
DeeAnn Brown
Lynne Brown
Donald Clarke
Nicole de Naray
Charlease Elzenga
Suzanne Eubank
David and Judy Finley
Jennifer Friend
Alan Hassebrock
Kathleen and Matt Hindmarch
Robin Izer
Robert LaMont
Dorothy Lee
Suzanne MacAulay
Liz Manring
Kayla McGuire
Gerry Miale
James Mitchell
John Moyer
Terri Pederson
Wayne and Marie Peterson
Ron and Karen Rubin
Barbara Simpson
Eileen Skahill
Robert Swaim
Christina P. Taylor
Jean Truty
Charles D. Warren
Nancy Wilson

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