I have already completed graduate school. Am I eligible to apply to the Colorado College Summer Music Festival? 

Yes, the Colorado College Summer Music Festival does not have any educational requirements so long as you are an advanced musician, over the age of 18, and are considered pre-professional.

When will I be notified about the status of my application? 

We ask our reviewers to have their final decisions by March 15. You may be notified sooner, but we will definitely let you know by the evening of March 15. Applications are accepted by instrument. As we complete to fill an instrument, we will post that information on our website.

The application says it is closed. May I still apply as long as decisions have not yet been released? 

YES. CCSMF accepts late applications so long as the final decisions for your instrument have not yet been filled and posted.  The link to apply on the website will be replaced with the link to the late application on February 20th and a $10 surcharge will be added to the application.

Does my audition video need to be in one take?

If you would like to record in one sitting, you are welcome to; however, the application has space for up to 4 separate video uploads. You may also take separate videos and make them into a single video, so long as you are careful not to edit any audition material in the video. No matter how many videos you choose to submit, be sure that you do not exceed the 12 minute maximum combined. Material used in your audition video must have been recorded within a year of the application.

I have applied to CCSMF before; can I use my audition again?

No. You must submit new audition materials each year you submit. Material used in your audition video must have been recorded within a year of the application.

My audition is longer than 12 minutes. Is that okay?

Our reviewers have many applications to go through, so we ask that you limit your audition video to 12 minutes,  including all requested materials. Should you submit a longer video it will be at our reviewers discretion to watch beyond the 12 minutes. We can not guaranteed that they will review anything beyond the first 12 minutes.

My instrument is not listed in the application. Can I apply?

No. Each year the list of instruments who are invited to apply is reviewed and determined by the season's repertoire. All available positions for application are listed in the application form.

I am thinking of applying to another festival and the dates overlap. Can I come late or leave early?

No. Once you are accepted and have chosen to participate in the festival, you are required to be present for the duration.

I am not vaccinated. Can I apply? 

Colorado College requires all its current students to be vaccinated to live and study on campus. At this time we do not know if exemptions will be permitted to summer visitors. We encourage all applicants to get fully vaccinated before arriving on campus. We will inform all admitted applicants of the requirements at the time of acceptance.  







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