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Special Requirements

  1. Faculty members in a terminal year may apply for grants, but the divisional committee should refer these to the Research and Development Board.
  2. Part-time faculty members are eligible to apply for grants when the project is directly related to the faculty member's teaching and scholarly work at the College.
  3. A grantee cannot receive a supplemental grant in a subsequent year to offset a failure to cover expenses with an earlier grant.
  4. If a faculty member makes a substantial revision of a project or finds that he or she is unable to conduct the research / attend the conference, he or she should notify the divisional committee and seek its approval of the change.
  5. Grantees may apply for continuations of projects already under way.
  6. A grantee must submit a report to the divisional committee at the end of the grant period, detailing achievements and expenditures. The grantee cannot be considered for additional support unless this report is filed.
  7. Royalties or honoraria resulting from the grants must be reimbursed to the College up to the amount of the original grant.
Report an issue - Last updated: 12/17/2020