Research and Development Projects

(As distinguished from professional meetings) that involve non-local transportation and/or daily routine expenses (per diem) should be calculated in the following manner (see the quick excel calculator for assistance):

  • Non-local transportation at 57.5 cents per mile or air coach or charter fare, whichever is lower.
  • Living allowances for daily off-campus maintenance (per diem). Divisional committees may lower these allowances if expected costs for a project are lower or if funds are short. (When calculating these totals, match these allowances to your particular dates, and be sure to count the first day, i.e. November 1-3 is three days, not two. Please also consult a calendar to assure that you have the proper number of days per month.)
    • $125 per day for days 1-7
    • $100 per day for days 8-15
    • $75 per day for days 16-30
    • $50 per day for days 31-42

Second Conference

  • The Dean's Office Faculty Travel budget now covers most trips to professional meetings. In special cases, e.g. a necessary second trip, Divisional Research Committees will consider granting funds on the same basis as the regular faculty travel policy, i.e. round-trip fare, up to three days of per diem at $225, and registration costs for faculty participating in a professional meeting. In accordance with changes in the Dean's Office, per diem has been raised to $225
  • In all cases, per diem is provided for a maximum of three days. The divisional executive committees will not support expenses beyond those specified above. If you need funding ahead of time, you will need to fill out a requisition form supplied by the Business Office.

Student Research Assistants

Student research assistants are paid at different rates, which change each year. Please contact the Finance and Administration Office if you have questions about the different levels of student work. Also note that the rates are subject to change every year.

Rates for 2020-2021 are:

  • Step 1 $12.00/hr
  • Step 2 $12.40/hr

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