Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College

NPI Logo 2Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College (NPI @ CC) is committed to enhancing student education, excitement, and opportunity in philanthropy and giving and nonprofit leadership.

NPI at CC launched in the fall of 2019 with grant support from the Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation.



JH Edmondson Foundation

The JH Edmondson Foundation is generously funding the Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College because they believe in the importance of partnering with the local community to inform and engage students in philanthropy and giving, nonprofit leadership, and board governance.

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Our Impact

This program provides opportunities for students to experientially learn, gain excitement for, and catalyze their leadership careers in the nonprofit sector and investment in social impact by focusing on philanthropy and giving and board governance.

Not part of one of our boards? We offer blockly lunch seminars.

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Initial Opportunities

In this first year, we're thrilled to offer 8 board of director positions at three different local nonprofit boards: Fountain Creek Watershed's Creek Week Steering Committee, YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region Advisory Board, and the Mountain Song School Board.

Our 8 CC students went through an intensive application process to procure these positions. They are interested in philanthropy, giving back to their communities through board services, and learning how to make an impact through nonprofit leadership.

Our student board members meet bi-weekly to brainstorm and problem solve as a cohort.

We're in the news!

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NPI @ CC Leadership

Cari Kat

Cari Hanrahan (left) and Kat Miller-Stevens (right) share a mutual passion for engaging students in experiential learning opportunities in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.

As the Director of the Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College (NPI @ CC) and Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP), Cari's role is twofold: With the NPI @ CC, Cari leads, develops and executes programs introducing and engaging students to philanthropy and giving, nonprofit leadership, and board governance. With the PIFP, Cari leads a successful summer and year-long program that matches exceptional nonprofit, government, and social enterprise fellowship opportunities with CC students.

Her counterpart, Kat Miller-Stevens, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Business and is also the Faculty Director of Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College and Public Interest Fellowship Program. As the Faculty Director, Kat works with Cari to develop programming, educate and engage students, and liaise with the campus and local community.

Collectively, Cari and Kat's educational backgrounds and experiences in the nonprofit sector make them a unified powerhouse in nonprofit leadership. Cari holds a Masters Degree in Leadership with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Kat holds a PhD in Public Affairs, a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management, and an undergraduate degree in History. They currently serve on multiple nonprofit boards including Cari's service with Cottonwood Center for the Arts and Carleton College's Career Alumni Board and Kat's service on the boards of the Colorado Nonprofit Association, the Colorado Institute For Social Impact, and Peak Startup. Kat's academic research is also on nonprofit-related issues including individual motivations to serve on nonprofit boards of directors, government regulations impacting nonprofit lobbying expenditures, and employee values of nonprofit workers. In addition, Cari has seven years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, and Kat has ten years of experience working in the nonprofit sector prior to her academic career.

Cari and Kat are thrilled to share their excitement for board governance, leadership, and philanthropy through the resources and programs of the Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College. Launching the NPI @ CC at the start of the 2019 academic year is their first step in building opportunities for students to learn, gain excitement for, and catalyze their own leadership careers in the nonprofit sector.

Contact Us

Career Center
(719) 389-6851

Kat Miller-Stevens

Faculty Director, NPI @ CC
Assistant Professor, Economics and Business
(719) 389-7117

Career Center

Nonprofit Initiatives at Colorado College works under the umbrella of the Career Center, which helps students connect the liberal arts experience to their professional journeys. The NPI @ CC directly supports this mission by giving students an experiential opportunity to learn philanthropy and giving, board governance, and leadership through our partnerships with local nonprofits. Students will draw on their liberal arts education to tackle their work on boards and determine if nonprofit leadership is potentially in their professional future.

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