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At a time in which many are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and maxed out on virtual interaction, but social contact and resources are limited, we are driven to work on pragmatic solutions for coming together around the arts. CC Mobile Arts is at its essence a creative response to COVID-19 and the underlying issues that the pandemic has exacerbated in our community. The program prioritizes making the arts accessible to a diverse range of audiences in inclusive, innovative spaces. Dr. Naomi Wood was honored as a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities and awarded a three-year NEH grant. For the first year she is dedicating her vision to the Mobile Arts Program. Thanks to Creativity & Innovation at CC’s Faculty & Student Collaboration Changemaker Grant, the collaboration of student workers directs and expands the impact of CC Mobile Arts with student-driven research, media projects and community outreach, adding layers of critical thinking, collective creation and mindful practice to programming and partnerships.  

Our Vision

Mobile Arts is a robust program that seeks to provide recurring and diverse high-quality, multi-disciplinary arts experiences at no cost to the public. Dynamic pop-up dance classes and performances, site-specific short plays, film screenings, a mobile printing press, and many more possibilities will be featured on the Arts Mobile. The Arts Mobile will emphasize collaboration, learning, experiences, and outreach. Community members can share ideas for programming of interest, local artists can book the van for shows and workshops, local institutions can request visits from the van to their sites. Mobile Arts seeks to reach all corners of the city, represent the diversity of stories held here, and create spaces for the exchange of ideas, creativity, and joy!    

How We Achieve Our Vison ?

Support various kinds of artistic community activities and events with a creative, multifunctional refurbished vehicle. 

  • Intercity activities and events 
  • Reviving outdoor community stages 
  • Supporting local artists 
  • Street performance, street art 
  • Facilitating social-distanced, in-person gathering  
  • Collaboration with food trucks, community orgs, art projects and other groups 
  • Accessibility 
  • Inclusivity 
  • Interactive/Participatory 
  • Community Building
  • Adaptability/Versatility 
  • Sustainability   
  • Spatial/Sensory  
  • Educational 
  • Performances: Theater, dance, poetry, music, multi-disciplinary 
  • Classes/workshops and collective arts activities 
  • Pop-up Community Space: library, guided movement/activity, gathering space. 
  • Gallery exhibition space 
  • Printing Press 
  • Traveling performance, marches and parades 
  • Outdoor cinema 
  • Mobile pottery 
  • Documentation: film activities, feature artists, record community engagement  
  • Participation in local events  
  • Support Colorado College Blocks off-campus within the Southwest. 
  • Collaborations with community organizations and facilities, schools, food trucks, etc 

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