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    About the Journalism Institute

    This is a crucial moment for CC, liberal arts colleges, and journalism in our country. At a time when the freedom and credibility of the press is under attack in this country, our students are demonstrating an unprecedented commitment to journalistic integrity. CC is in a unique position to provide hands-on opportunities for students that will expose them to how journalism works and allow them to explore it as a profession. 

    The history of journalism at the College is long and distinguished, one that stretches back through the visiting journalists Professor David Hendrickson brought to campus and former English professor, Ruth Barton, who founded Cutler Publications and created CC’s Journalism Minor. And, of course, this tradition hearkens back to Edith K. Gaylord, who was active in campus publications and went on to become a fierce advocate and supporter of the press. It is a legacy that extends even to E.K. Gaylord himself, who served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Colorado Collegian when he was a student here during the mid-1890s.

    As CC approaches the 50th anniversary of the Block Plan’s inception, we realize that we have only started to understand the innovation it represents. Under the umbrella of the Institute, CC could, for example, offer a course on “Freedom of the Press” where students would spend the first week working directly with Bob Woodward, the second with Ann Curry, and the third with Glenn Greenwald, who, while at The Guardian was the chief recipient and publisher of Edward Snowden’s classified documents in 2013.

    This is what the Block Plan makes possible. This is the kind of course—one growing out of the distinctiveness of the College—that the Institute is working to put together. The result will be one of the flagship programs at the College—and one of the best approaches to teaching journalism in the world.