Colorado College Indigenous Visitors

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Fall 2019

Laura Ortman (Visiting Artist Concert, Aug. 29)

Shay Welch (Lecture, Sept. 5)

Melanie Yazzie (Fine Arts Center Museum, Sept. 6)

Raven Chacon (Performance, Oct. 1)

Dawn Avery, Dylan Robinson, Byron Dueck, Beverley Diamond, Trevor Reed, Anna Hoefnagels, Heidi Senungetuk, David Samuels, Elyse Carter Vosen (Performance/Symposium, Oct. 2)

Robert Beshara (Lecture, Oct. 4)

Dr. Kimberly Huyser (Diné) (First Mondays Lecture, Oct. 21)

Rosy Simas Artist (Lecture FAC Education Studio, Oct. 31)

Spring 2019

Anna Tsouhlarakis, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist in Residence (Fine Arts Center Museum, August-May)

Christine Howard Sandoval, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist in Residence (Fine Arts Center Museum, May-June)

Christine Howard Sandoval (Fine Arts Center Museum, May 30)

Audra Simpson (April 26)

Vanessa Dion Fletcher, "Menstrual Accessory" performance - (Cornerstone/Innovation, April 2nd)

Radmilla Cody, "From Personal to Political" (Mar. 29th)

Anna Tsouhlarakis (Fine Arts Center Museum, March 24th)

Adrianne Chalepah, "An Evening of Comedy" (Fine Arts Center Theater, Feb 19th)

Adrianne Chalepah "The Rise of Indigenous Women" (First Monday, Feb. 18th)

Jaune Quick to See Smith "A Survey of Contemporary Native Art" (Cornerstone Arts Week / FAC, Jan. 31st)

Layli Long Soldier Poetry Reading (Cornerstone Arts Week, Jan. 29th)

Fall 2018

Esther Belin (Poetry Reading Visiting Writes Series, Nov. 8th)

Rayna Hernandez (Indigenous Artist Visiting Lecturer, EN252, Nov. 14th)

Linda Teller Pete (Fine Arts Center Museum, Nov. 2nd-4th)

Virgil Ortiz, Natanya Ann Pulley, and John Frame panel "World-building through Art" (Fine Arts Center, Sept. 13, 2018)

Virgil Ortiz (FAC Artist-in-Residence, Fall 2018)

Spring 2018

Melanie Yazzi, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist-in-Residence (June 2018)

Gregg Deal, "The Hard Work Comes with the Commitment" (First Monday, Mar. 26th)

Tanya Taguq (Cornerstone Arts Week, Jan. 29th)

Melanie Yazzie (Tutt Library, Jan. 29th)

Fall 2017

Sterlin Harjo "Mekko" (Nov. 2nd)

Post-Commodity (FAC and Cornerstone, October 27th)

Layli Long Soldier, Byron F. Aspaas, and Jennifer Elise Foerster: Indigenous Reading Series (Visiting Writers Series, Oct. 26th)

Sound Alliances: A Celebration of Inidigenous Music and Culture (SEM Pre-conference Symposium, Oct. 25th)

Carisa Yazzie Gonzalez and Tessa McLean, Indigenous Peoples Day observance & celebration (Oct. 8th)

Raven Chacon, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist-in-Residence (September)

Spring 2017

Elissa Washuta Non-Fiction Reading (Visiting Writers Series, Mar. 2nd)

Fall 2016

Philip J. Deloria "Toward an American Indian Abstract: The Art and Politics of Mary Sully" (Fall 2016)

Bunky Echo-Hawk & Walter Echo-Hawk, "Race and Terror" (Convergence Class, Feb. 28th)

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