Who's Registered?

If you are planning to attend your 20th reunion, please register no later than Sunday, September 25! Registration can be found at https://ourcc.coloradocollege.edu/HCFW22.

The list below indicate alumni and their guests who have officially registered for Homecoming and Family Weekend. 

Margaux Albair
Turner Angell
Zachary David
Hadley Fuller Allen

Ben Gross (Jenifer Leigh)
Sophie Hines Ambruso

Rob Holbrook
Sam Aronoff

Johanna Creswell Baez (Bonny Baez)
Kelly Slater Banet 
Rebecca Cashman (Alexander Ficken)
Jorge Andres Cedron
David Cohn
Alexis Griffin Collins
Aimee Corrigan
Ashley Magnuson Ellison
Kaitlin McHugh
Beverly Morse Popovitch
Cat Fink-Johnson

Mark Fischer & Giselle Restrepo
Teal Fitzpatrick
Sam Gates
Luigi Iuppa (Ginger Iuppa)
Susanne Kistin
Anthoula Krokidis
Saul Kwitman
Joanna Zeman Lane (Brian Lane)

Sean McGarry (Emily Looney)
Matt Northrop
Larissa Enns O'Neil
Michael Resnick
Tony Rosendo (Laura Wilcox Rosendo ’06)
Jessie Schwartz
Kristin Sjoholm
Nick Stephens
Emily Tate
Owen Thilly
Jenn Wiant Crawford
Shawna Williams
Katie Wright


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