2015 Results

In the 2015 climate survey, faculty and staff continued to report a strong connection to the Colorado College mission as well as pride in being part of the CC community. A strong sense of community remains within departments, and an increasingly greater sense of collaboration and alignment was reported across the college.

Faculty and staff reported that they appreciate the college's efforts to strengthen the supervisory/managerial training and they report the need for continued efforts to ensure greater consistency and enhanced managerial/leadership skills. Similarly, faculty and staff acknowledge the focus on diversity and cite evidence of progress, but also believe there remains important work to be done.

Faculty and staff also appreciate the efforts to address concerns regarding compensation and the additional professional development opportunities. They acknowledged progress and a need for continued efforts to improve communication. There is a desire for continued transparency regarding decision-making rationale, as well as an interest in greater participation in those decisions that directly affect their work.

Survey Participation: Final results

All employees 546/719 76%
Staff 406/493 82%
Faculty 140/226 62%

Survey Results (overall)

Benefits Satisfaction

Response Distribution

ModernThink Recommendations

  • Build on existing efforts to improve the quality of communication at Colorado College, focusing on cross-functional communication, transparency, and increased stakeholder involvement in decision-making.
  • Address concerns regarding the effectiveness and consistency of performance management processes and merit pay.
  • Continue to develop managerial/leadership capabilities across the college to ensure consistency and leadership excellence across academic and administrative divisions.
  • Build on existing workplace excellence efforts to further strengthen "an inclusive campus culture that truly values different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and opinions."
  • Capitalize on the strong sense of camaraderie and community to foster a greater sense of alignment across different levels of leadership and Colorado College as a whole.
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