2013 Results

In spring 2013, the entire campus community engaged in the Your Voice, Your CC, campus climate survey. This survey was initiated to provide a baseline for CC and is one of many steps as we strive to become recognized as a great place to work. Conducting surveys on a regular schedule will also establish a benchmark that will allow us to track progress and changes, and develop action plans for specific topics or areas.

In many ways, the survey results were not surprising. Among the positives, faculty and staff share a deep connection to the mission of the college and we have strong bonds with our students. Additionally, there is a sense of pride in working at CC and growing enthusiasm about the college's trajectory. The survey also revealed opportunities for improvement. There should be continued efforts to improve communication across the college, not only among senior leaders, but also within and across divisions and departments. There should also be enhanced attention on our collective understanding of the staff compensation program and to establish professional development opportunities for staff.

CC 2012-2013 Survey Results (overall)

CC 2012-2013 Benefits Satisfaction

Survey Participation: Final results

All Employees 525/82 64%
Staff 383/591 60%
Faculty 139/232 65%
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For questions about the survey or our survey partner, contact Lyrae Williams at lwilliams@coloradocollege.edu