Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment? Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Counseling Center at 719-389-6093 and asking for a counseling appointment. The student may also email our scheduler at You will be asked for your phone number so the secretary can call or text to remind you of the appointment. Please let the staff know if you do not want the reminder call or text. Each counselor has different appointment times reserved throughout the week. You may also schedule your next appointment with your counselor or with the secretary as you leave.. The email address is only for non-urgent appointments.

How much does it cost? There is no charge for the first six appointments each year. There is a $40 fee for appointments after the initial six each school year. If you cannot afford the fee, please tell your counselor and arrangements can be made to have the fee subsidized by the Office of Student Life. After the first six sessions, the fee may be charged to your student account where it is recorded only as "visit". Students will receive a receipt in their campus mailbox for billable services from the Counseling Center which they can use for reimbursement from their insurance company or flexible spending account.

Fees for the psychiatrist are usual and customary. Students who cannot afford the psychiatrist can have the cost covered by the college. Please talk to your counselor about a fee waiver. The charges will be posted to the student's college account and a billing statement will be sent to the student's Worner box that can be submitted to insurance. Please ask the secretary or your counselor about billing questions.  No student is denied services because of an inability to pay.

Will a record of my counseling services be kept confidential? Counseling records are not a part of your academic record. They are also kept separately from your medical records at the Student Health Center. They are covered by special confidentiality laws including HIPAA, The Colorado Mental Health Act, and various other state and local laws. There are exceptions to confidentiality which your counselor can discuss with you. If you need information to be provided to any other person, you should ask your counselor to have you sign a Release of Information form. If you are worried about the confidentiality issues of the fee going on your student account, please tell your counselor and that can be changed.

What do I do if I need medications? If you are in need of mental health medications, you will need to see a counselor before seeing our psychiatrist for a medication assessment and review. The counselor will gather information which will help the psychiatrist. If you are already taking medications before coming to Colorado College, and would like our psychiatrist to take over the prescribing, please obtain written information from your personal doctor including the history of medicines and current dosages. These can be sent or faxed to the Counseling Center at 719-389-6064.  You may also seek an off campus psychiatrist for prescribing of psychiatric medications.

Where can I get medications refilled? If you regularly take mental health medications and are stable on them, the Counseling Center psychiatrist may refer you to the medical staff in the Student Health Center for regular refills. This is especially the case for those medicines which must be refilled monthly. The Optum Medical Group is the contracted medical provider for Colorado College, and they have greater access than the consulting psychiatrist.  Their on campus phone number is 719-389-6384.

How do I fill my prescriptions? You may fill prescriptions at the pharmacy of your choice. You may open an account at the Medicine Shoppe at 2306 North Wahsatch, 719-471-3600,  and give the prescription to the medical staff at the Student Health Center for delivery to the pharmacy which will be delivered the next business day to the Health Center. 

What should I do in case of emergency or other urgent situation?  24 hour/7 day per week mental health emergencies can be responded to by the Virtual Care Group at 855-522-1226, Or call CC Campus Safety at 719-389-6707 and, state that this is an urgent matter or emergency.  In the case of a medical emergency, call 911 first for an ambulance. Campus Safety can help to determine what steps are necessary in responding to an emergency. 

What should I expect from counseling? The counselor will talk to you about the issues and help you to identify your own personal goals for counseling. For example, this could be improving how you manage feelings, or dealing more effectively with relationships. Counseling works best as a collaboration between you and the counselor. The counselor may ask questions to help understand your feelings and thoughts and how they effect your life. The counselor may make direct suggestions or may refer you to a more appropriate professional.

Are there other counseling services on campus? The chaplains' office, The Advising Hub, the student life office, and the staff of Residential Experience all offer emotional support. Many students receive support from advisors, faculty, FYE mentors, coaches,and other members of the college community.

Can I ask for a referral to an off campus therapist? All the counselors are familiar with off campus therapists and can assist you in finding an appropriate person. All fees for off campus therapists are the responsibility of the student.

What if I suddenly run out of my medicine? It is important to plan ahead for academic breaks and vacations so you can make an appointment with the psychiatrist before you run out. Calling your pharmacy and asking them to contact your prescribing doctor is usually the fastest way to get refills.

What if I want to stop my medicine? Do not stop taking your medicine abruptly, as this might lead to negative side effects. Please talk to your counselor or the psychiatrist prior to stopping medications.

Can I talk to a counselor about a friend? All the counselors regularly meet with students who are concerned about another person. You can make a regular appointment to discuss the issues. If it is an urgent situation about a friend, you can also talk to any college official (RLC or Dean), or call campus safety at 719-389-6707.


Colorado College Counseling Center
Located in the Yalich Student Services Building, 819 North Tejon Street
Phone-719-389-6093 Fax-719-389-6064


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