Antiracism Commitment Committee

Committee Charge:

The Antiracism Commitment Committee (ACC) is CC’s community accountability body that evaluates the implementation and impact of CC’s antiracism plan and guides the revision and development of new goals as the plan evolves and remains relevant.

Committee Goals:

  1. To hold the CC community accountable in making continuous progress on antiracism goals.
  2. To use appropriate assessment tools to track progress, identify gaps and resistance, and make recommendations for new antiracism work goals.
  3. To ensure that offices, departments, and programs improve coordination of antiracism work efforts.
  4. To provide an annual report to the CC community and the Board of Trustees about the progress of antiracism goals.

Committee Leadership:

Peony Fhagen, Senior Associate Dean of Equity, Inclusion, and Faculty Development

Rosalie Rodriguez, Senior Associate Dean of Students for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Director of the Butler Center

Ersaleen Hope, Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Staff and Administrative Operations

Membership for Staff & Faculty (by Division):

Each division must have at least one representative on the committee, but divisions can have up to three representatives. Each division decides how they will select and appoint representatives to the committee. Committee members must serve on the committee for at least two years, but no longer than 4 years. The DEI leadership team, who are co-chairs for the committee, will contact division leaders for membership appointments. Members must work with their division leaders about their appointments, not the committee co-chairs.


 Representative Name 

Division/Group Membership  

Term End Year 

Alexandra Flores 

VP of Inclusion, CCSGA  


Rakim Johnson  

CCSGA Appointed  


Luke Ortiz-Grabe 

CCSGA Appointed 


Atquetzali Quiroz 

CCSGA appointed  


April Scriven  

Finance and Administration  


Naomi Trujillo  



Edwin Hamada 

Student Life 


Ben Wirt 

Staff Council  


Cory Scott 



Nene Diop 



Alex Dominguez  



Jeff Conarroe 



Jessica Kisunzu 

Dean of the Faculty  


Dustin Fife 

Dean of the Faculty (2) 


Heather Powell Browne 

Dean of the College 


Nicole Herden 

Fine Art Center  


Sara San Souci 

Human Resources 


Nichole Ridenour 



Laura Schreiber  



Membership for Students

The SGA VP of Inclusion will decide on a selection process for appointing three student affinity group members to the committee. The CCSGA President will decide on a selection process for appointing two members to the committee. The DEI leadership team, who are co-chairs of the committee, will contact the SGA VP of Inclusion and CCSGA President for membership appointments.

Members’ Roles and Responsibilities:

Antiracism Commitment and Accountability

  • Keep informed of the college’s activities and the wider issues that affect its work
  • Continue to expand awareness and knowledge of antiracism action in higher education
  • Create a unit responsibility statement that pertains to being responsible for the plan’s goals

Unit Representation

  • Come to meetings prepared share feedback from your office, department, and unit
  • Provide regular updates to unit about the committee’s work
  • Promote and build coalitions and collaborations across units to make progress on commitment and plan goals

Committee Meeting Engagement

  • Read the agenda and the materials thoroughly before the meeting
  • Express your opinions and perspectives
  • Be open to hear a variety of opinions and perspectives
  • Support the efforts of the committee co-chairs and carry out individual assignments
  • Maintain the confidentiality of committee activities
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