Faculty Lunch featuring Professor Amanda Minervini

Faculty present their research at blockly lunch talks. Follow up on that with resources from the library.

The Block 4 Faculty Lunch features Professor Amanda Minervini.

She will talk about "Hollywood and Mussolini. Representations of the Duce in the US Media in the 20s and 30s."

Did you know about Mussolini's love affair with Hollywood?

Have you been wondering about the connection between stardom and political charisma?

With contemporary US and Italian politics in mind, cultural historian Amanda Minervini (French and Italian Department) has been researching representations of the Italian dictator in the international media, and in particular in the Hollywood documentary Mussolini Speaks (1933). She found evidence that his great success was based more in mediatic charisma than on any understanding of his political agenda. This research also sheds light on how the Italian Five Stars movement and President Trump have been using social media to nurture the fascination for their political figures.

Or her translations of Sguardo di Giano (Janus's gaze: essays on Carl Schmitt, JC263.S34 G3713 2015) and Inclinations: a critique of rectitude (BJ1395 .C38 2016).

Read her essay in Once upon a time editied by Hans Haacke (N6888.H22 A4 2013 located on the 3rd floor in the Art Reading Room).

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