CC Honors Students, Faculty, Staff at Honors Convocation

Colorado College's annual Honors Convocation, traditionally held in Shove Memorial Chapel, celebrates outstanding students, faculty members, and staff, and includes the bestowing of departmental awards, all-college awards, and awards from the CC Student Government Association.

This year the event, celebrating Colorado College's 146th academic year, will be marked with a virtual Honors Convocation on Thursday, May 14, in which approximately 260 awards will be presented. Viewers can watch a special invocation by Chaplain Kate Holbrook, opening remarks from Blue Key Honor Society President Kathryn Kenny '20, and a message from President Jill Tiefenthaler, along with presentations of all honors and awards.

In a message in the program, President Tiefenthaler notes that, "If we were all on campus, as usual, you would experience Honors Convocation as it occurs every year, the 3,065 pipes of Shove Chapel's Welte-Tripp organ sounding the prelude, our faculty marching into the chapel in their colorful regalia, and each of you receiving your honors individually, from faculty and staff. Your honors medal would be placed around your neck, and we would cheer in congratulations.

"This is no ordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we learn, teach, and work at CC, requiring us to move forward, but at a distance to minimize risk to our communities and loved ones. It prevents us from celebrating your achievements in person. But it cannot diminish the amount of pride and inspiration we feel as we bestow these honors upon you."

In addition to the departmental awards, a series of awards are presented by President Tiefenthaler. They include the:

  • Ann Rice Memorial Award, presented to a female student from the junior class in recognition of her personal contributions to the college through dedication to the goals of a liberal arts education: Shoshana M. Holt-Auslander '21
  • Dreamkeeper Award, presented to student who has demonstrated an active commitment to addressing issues of multi­culturalism and improving the quality of campus life for historical­ly oppressed peoples: Andres G. Talavera '21
  • Mary Stearns Barkalow Award, given to a senior woman who has made significant contributions to residence halls and campus life through positions of leadership: Kekai Wong Yuen '20
  • Juan Reid Award, presented to the senior best combining scholastic excellence and involvement in extra-curric­ular activities: Ethan M. Greenberg '20
  • Van Diest Award, given to an outstanding male athlete who demonstrates sound character, scholarship, and citizenship: Antonio Calderon '20
  • Laura Golden Award, awarded to the female athlete who exemplifies excellence in athletics, leadership, and college contributions: Riley A. Wadehra '20
  • Crown-Goodman Presidential Scholarship, established in 1990 to recognize the accomplishments of deserving Colorado Col­lege students. The selection of recipients is based on the students' academic record and contributions to the total life of the college. These scholarships are intended to reduce the loan component of the recipients' financial aid award in their senior year. Recipients include: Martina Alvarez '21, Isabelle M. Aragon-Menzel '21, Magali A. P. Blasdell '21, Stuart L. Callinan '21, Nik Lane Chapleski '22, Evan A. Foster '21, Charles W. Fox '21, Aydin S. Gates '21, Michael F. Gorman '21, Katie Hands '21, Lauren E. Hecht '21, Isobel (Izzy) Hensley '22, Celia A. Herdic '21, Mary S. Jenkins '22, Tali Juliano '21, Maddy N. Mahaffey '21, Patrick William Mallory '21, Melissa A. Manuel '21, Laila E. Marshall '21, Josie M. McCauley '22, Ely S. Merenstein '21, Dervla A. Moore-Frederick '21, Madeline D. Ng '21, Inez C. Olivas '21, Emma K. Olsen '21, Ryan S. O'Meara '21, Case Osborn '21, Katie Pell '20, Maysie L. Poland '21, Emileigh G. Rafidi '21, Liam Reynolds '21, Danielle J. Richardson '21, Ankita Sharma '20, Grace R. Spratley '21, Skyler O. Stark-Ragsdale '20, Anya I. Steinberg '21, Laurel E. Sullivan '20, Alethea C. Tyler '21, Abby E. Walz '21, Reilly M. Williams '21, and Zoe L. Zwecker '21.

Additionally, Colorado College's Collaborative for Community Engagement hosts an event at the end of the academic year to celebrate the various ways in which campus members engage in community-based work. Many of those recipients were recognized also at the Honors Convocation, including:

  • Exemplary Achievement in Community-Engaged Teaching: Florencia Rojo, sociology
  • Exemplary Achievement in Community-Engaged Research: Rachel Paupeck, art
  • Community-Engaged Staff Award: Julianne Gavino, Fine Arts Center at Colorado College
  • Community Collaborator Award: Natalie Sarver '20
  • Advocacy and Activism Award: Elam Boockvar-Klein '20, Liam Reynolds '21, and Max Kronstadt '20
  • CBO Capacity Builder Award: Angelina Chen '22
  • Campus Organizer: Kadin Mangalik '20
  • Anabel and Jerry McHugh Director's Award: Madeline Ng '20
  • Public Problem-Solver: Brita Mackey '22
  • Outstanding Student Initiative Award: Mandarin Teaching Association, co-founded by Karla Iruegas '21 and Yurong Ye '22
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