Breaking Bread

Colorado College has embraced the liberal arts tradition with the "Breaking Bread" program, an initiative that provides support to faculty and staff who host students in their homes. Thanks to Breaking Bread, students have a unique opportunity to make real connections and establish lasting ties with the college.

Last year, students "broke bread" with professors on nearly 200 different occasions:

"Once upon a time I went to an FYE reunion dinner at Mario Montano's. Because my FYE was the Anthropology of Food, he made us a ton of really delicious, traditional Mesoamerican foods. I decided to try one of the small, orange peppers mixed in with a type of roasted pork. I casually popped it in my mouth - and it was tasty - but moments later, my mouth was on fire. As I rushed to get horchata, I ran into Mario: 'Yeah man, don't eat the pepper. It is a special pepper from the Yucatan of Mexico.' Twenty minutes and five glasses of horchata later, I recovered from my first encounter with habanero peppers."

- Ruthie Markwardt '14

"During seventh block, the Sociology of Sexuality class went to CJ Pascoe's house. We helped set up and clean, CJ did the cooking, and all was wonderful. Tasty French toast, fresh fruit, bacon, and project presentations! Everybody had 20-30 minutes to talk about research findings and hold a short Q&A session. We talked about everything from breastfeeding to online BDSM communities to masculinity and grilling - all while sitting in the living room, playing with the dog. We didn't leave until well after three hours."

- Toni Pizza '12

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