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Block Break

After nearly a month of nonstop learning, a block break becomes more than just a long weekend. It's a free-for-all. It's a beautiful day, no matter the weather. And it's the ultimate release.

What's a "block break?"

Block break is the four and a half day hiatus between classes, or "blocks." Unlike a weekend or a summer vacation, a block break lasts long enough to leave you refreshed and psyched for your next class, but ends just before you have the chance to get bored.

When you're on block break, the world is your playground. You have time to relax - or not. Time to explore. Read for pleasure. Road trip to a music festival. Volunteer to lead a service trip. Ski. Write a play. Backpack through Rocky Mountain National Park.

Whether you've just sprinted across campus to hand in a final or simply clicked "send" to electronically dispatch it to your professor, the feeling in the air at noon on "fourth Wednesday" is always the same. Relief and adrenaline surge together and implode in a rush akin to "school's out for the summer."

Except at Colorado College, we feel that rush eight times in a single year.