Community Service


On the Block Plan, time is a hot commodity - but we've still got plenty of it to devote to the community. Through international service excursions and student-led local organizations, 80 percent of Colorado College students make time to give back.

The Collaborative for Community Engagement

The Collaborative for Community Engagement challenges students and faculty to integrate rigorous liberal arts scholarship with collaborative community-based work in ways that strengthen and transform both in the process. In the tradition of liberal education and its emphasis on active citizenship, we provide a continuum of opportunities for the Colorado College community to deepen and contextualize classroom learning by engaging in reciprocal and sustainable collaborations with local, regional, national, and global partners. By fostering skills for planning, implementing and examining civic action, the Collaborative facilitates leadership development and promotes a social responsibility that is reflective, imaginative, and self-aware.

Student-Run Organizations

  • K-12 Education
    The K-12 education track supports a wide range of student-run organizations that emphasize partnerships with local schools.
  • Public Health
    The Public Health track supports student-run organizations that emphasize prevention science and the promotion of local, regional, and global wellness.
  • Human Rights
    The Human Rights track supports student-run organizations that seek to promote human rights locally, regionally, and globally.

Public Interest Fellowship

The Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP) provides opportunities for Colorado College students and recent graduates to pursue meaningful work with public interest nonprofit organizations, thereby increasing the capacity of those organizations and fostering a new generation of nonprofit leaders.

Community-Based Research

Community-Based Research (CBR) at Colorado College involves partnerships between students, staff, faculty, and community members who collaboratively engage in research with the purpose of ameliorating a pressing community concern.

Community Based Learning

The Collaborative for Community Engagement supports faculty interested in using Community Based Learning (CBL) pedagogy and connects students to courses of interest.

Leadership Development

The Collaborative for Community-Engagement provides oversight for leadership development programs on campus.

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